Practical Quiz
Infratemporal Fossa & Oral Cavity - Question 8 of 9

Identify the structure marked by the arrows
    Palatoglossal folds
    Styloglossus m.
    Submandibular Duct
    Sphenoid Sinus
    Mylohyoid m.
    Ant. Belly Diagastric m.
    Nasolacrimal Duct
    Hyoglossus m.
    Lingual n.
    Levator Veli Palatini
    Nasal Septum
    Genioglossus m.
    Post. Ethmoidal Air Cells
    Post. Belly Diagastric m.
    Palatine Tonsil
    Hypoglossal n.
    Hard Palate
    Submandibular Gland
    Tensor Veli Palatini
    Palatopharyngeal folds
    Geniohyoid m.
    Soft Palate
    Maxillary Sinus