Practical Quiz
Infratemporal Fossa & Oral Cavity - Question 5 of 9

Identify the structure marked by the arrow
    Lingual n.
    Maxillary a.
    Inferior Alveolar n.
    Supraorbital n.
    Vocal Ligament
    Facial a.
    Parotid Duct
    Occipital a.
    Buccal n.
    Conus Elasticus
    Chorda Tympani n.
    Inferior Alveolar a.
    Maxillary v.
    Auriculotemporal n.
    Retromandibular v.
    Deep Temporal n.
    External Jugular v.
    Middle Meningeal a.
    Mental n.
    Pterygoid plexus v.
    Mandibular Division of Trigeminal
    Infraorbial n.
    Buccal a.