Practical Quiz
Heart - Question 6 of 7

Identify the structure marked by the Red arrow
    Aortic sinus
    Aortic valve
    Atrial appendage
    Cardiac skeleton
    Chordae tendineae
    Coronary sinus
    Coronary sulcus
    Crista terminalis
    Foramen ovale
    Fossa ovalis
    Inferior vena cava
    Interventricular septum
    Interventricular sulcus
    Left atrioventricular valve
    Ligamentum arteriosum
    Papillary muscle
    Pectinate muscles
    Pulmonary trunk
    Pulmonary valve
    Pulmonary vein
    Right Atrioventricular valve
    Septomarginal trabeculum
    Superior vena cava
    Trabeculae carnae
    Valve of inferior vena cava