Practical Quiz
Hip & Posterior Thigh - Question 8 of 9

Identify the structure marked by the asterisk
    Femoral n.
    Sural n.
    Deep Plantar v.
    Medial Sural Cutaneous n.
    Genicular a.
    Obturator n.
    Lateral Plantar n.
    Anterior Femoral Cutaneous n.
    Sural Cutaneous n.
    Greater Saphenous v.
    Popliteal v.
    Saphenous n.
    Superficial Fibular n.
    Perforating aa.
    Lateral Femoral Cutaneous n.
    Lesser Saphenous v.
    Posterior Femoral Cutaneous n.
    Lateral Plantar v.
    Deep Fibular n.
    Sciatic n.
    Dorsalis Pedis
    Internal Pudendal a.
    Superior Gluteal n.
    Medial Plantar v.
    Anterior Tibial a.
    Inferior Gluteal n.