Practical Quiz
Parotid Gland & Face - Question 9 of 9

Identify the structure marked by the RED arrows
    Styloid process
    Foramen magnum
    Pharyngeal tubercle
    Mental foramen
    Medial pterygoid plate
    Stylomastoid foramen
    Angle of mandible
    Zygomatic arch
    Cricoid cartilage
    Occipital condyles
    Rim of orbit
    Jugular foramen
    External acoustic meatus
    Pterygoid hamulus
    Infraorbital foramen
    Carotid canal
    Cricothyroid joint
    Mastoid process
    Hypoglossal canal
    Thyroid cartilage
    Supraorbital foramina
    Cricoarytenoid joint
    Coronoid process