Practical Quiz
Parotid Gland & Face - Question 4 of 9

Identify the structure marked by the dots
    Supraorbital n.
    Maxillary a.
    Common facial v.
    Infraorbital n.
    Superior thyroid a.
    Mental n.
    Superficial temporal v.
    Dorsal scapular a.
    Lingual a.
    Subclavian a.
    Retromandibular v.
    Inferior thyroid a.
    Ascending pharyngeal a.
    External jugular v.
    Thoracic duct
    Occipital a.
    Facial n.
    Auriculotemporal n.
    External carotid a.
    Brachiocephalic v.
    Facial v.
    Internal thoracic a.
    Facial a.
    Posterior auricular v.
    Subclavian v.
    Superficial temoral a.