Practical Quiz
Duodenum, Pancreas, Liver & Gall Bladder - Question 3 of 12

Identify the structure at the arrow tip
    Common bile duct
    Common hepatic artery
    Cystic duct
    Gall Bladder
    Greater duodenal papilla
    Hepatopancreatic ampulla
    Hepatic duct - left
    Hepatic duct - right
    Hepatic duct - common
    Hepatic vein - left
    Hepatic vein - middle
    Hepatic vein - right
    Inferior vena cava
    Liver - caudate lobe
    Liver - left lobe
    Liver - right lobe
    Liver - quadrate lobe
    Pancreas - accessory duct
    Pancreas - body
    Pancreas - head
    Pancreas - neck
    Pancreas - tail
    Pancreas - uncinate process
    Pancreas - main duct
    Portal vein
    Proper hepatic artery