Practical Quiz
Anterior Triangle of the Neck - Question 8 of 9

Identify the structure outlined in RED
    Middle Thyroid v.
    Platysma m.
    Parathryoid Gland
    Inferior Thyroid aa.
    Anterior Triangle
    Recurrent Laryngeal n.
    Thyroid gland
    Great Auricular n.
    Prevertebral Fascia
    Internal Jugular v.
    Hypoglossal n.
    Sternocleidomastoid m
    Ansa cervicalis
    Thyrohyoid m.
    Communicating v.
    Carotid Sheath
    External caroid aa.
    Sternohyoid m.
    Vagus n.
    Mental Protuberance
    Lymph Node
    Omohyoid m.
    Jugular venous arch
    Cricothyroid m.
    Inferior Thyroid vv.