Review Items - Posterior Triangle of the Neck

Foramen magnum (N8, TG7-06)
Occipital condyles (N8, TG7-06)
Jugular foramen (N6, N8, TG7-08, TG7-06)
Hypoglossal canal (N6, N8, TG7-08, TG7-06)
Carotid canal (external opening) (N8, TG7-06)
Styloid process (N4, N8, TG7-04, TG7-06)
First rib
Grooves for subclavian a. & v. (N186, TG4-04)
Transverse foramina of cervical vertebrae (N18, TG1-03)
Muscles, fascia:
A., B., C. Anterior, middle, posterior scalene mm. (N28, N30, N32, TG7-15A, TG7-15B, TG7-17, TG7-18)
D. Prevertebral & scalene fascia (N35, TG7-10A, TG7-10B)
Interscalene triangle (N30, TG7-15)
Carotid sheath (review)
E. Recurrent laryngeal n. (right & left) (N75, N232, TG7-14, TG7-20)
F. Accessory n. (XI) (N71, N127, TG7-18, TG7-93)
G. Phrenic n. (N30, N193, TG4-18, TG7-15)
Cervical plexus (N71, N128, TG7-15, TG7-17)
H., I., J., K. Roots (C1-4) (N71, N128, TG7-15, TG7-17)
L. Cervical sympathetic trunk
M. Superior cervical ganglion (N129, N130, TG7-15, TG7-95)
N. Middle cervical ganglion (N129, TG7-15, TG7-95)
O., P. Carotid nn. (internal & external, plexus) (N130, TG7-15, TG7-95)
Brachial plexus (N30, N430, TG7-14, TG2-14)
Q., R., S., T., U. Roots (C5-T1)
V., W., X. Trunks
Y. Suprascapular n. (N424,N430, N477, TG2-14, TG2-13)
Z. Dorsal scapular n. (N430, N477, TG2-14, TG2-13)
AA. Long thoracic n. (N185, N430, TG2-14, TG2-13)
Common carotid artery
Carotid bifurcation (N69, N136, TG7-19, TG7-71)
External carotid artery (N69, N136, TG7-19, TG7-71)
Internal carotid artery (N69, N136, TG7-19, TG7-72)
Subclavian a. (N33, N136, TG7-15A, TG7-15B)
BB. Vertebral a. (N33, N136, TG7-15, TG7-72)
CC. Internal thoracic a. (N33, N136, TG7-15A, TG7-15B, TG4-09)
DD. Thyrocervical trunk (N33, N136, TG7-15A, TG7-15B)
     EE. Inferior thyroid a. (N33, N136, TG7-14, TG7-15A, TG7-15B)
     FF. Transverse cervical a. (N33, N184, TG1-13, TG7-14, TG7-15A, TG7-15B)
     GG. Suprascapular a. (N33, N427, TG2-15, TG7-14, TG7-15A, TG7-15B)
HH. Costocervical trunk (N33, N130, TG7-14, TG7-15A, TG7-15B)
II. Dorsal scapular a. (N33, N410, TG2-09, TG7-14, TG7-15A, TG7-15B)
Brachiocephalic v. (N70, N74, TG4-19)
Subclavian v. (N70, N75, TG4-19, TG7-14)
Deep cervical lymph nodes (superior & inferior groups) (N72, TG7-74)
JJ. Thoracic duct (N238, N239, N264, TG4-44, TG5-37)
Clinical Terms:
Subclavian "stick"/central venous line catheterization
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Cervical rib
Scalenus anticus syndrome
Subclavian steal syndrome
Virchow's node
Radical neck dissection
Carotid stenosis & endarterectomy
Horner's syndrome