Review Items - Infratemporal Fossa & Oral Cavity

Mandibular fossa (N4, TG7-32)
Articular eminence ( N12,N16, TG7-06)
Lateral pterygoid plate (N6, N8, TG7-06, TG7-08)
Medial pterygoid plate ( N6, N8, TG7-06, TG7-08)
Pterygomaxillary fissure ( N4, TG7-32)
Foramen ovale (N4, N8, N11, TG7-06, TG7-07, TG7-32)
Foramen spinosum ( N8,N11, TG7-06, TG7-07)
Mandible ( N15, TG7-32B, TG7-32C)
Condyle & neck
Coronoid process
Mandibular notch
Pterygoid fovea
Mandibular foramen
Digastric m., anterior & posterior bellies (N27, N28, TG7-12, TG7-17)
Mylohyoid m. (N27,N28, N53, N59, TG7-12, TG7-37, TG7-40)
Stylohyoid m. (N59, TG7-17, TG7-40)
Geniohyoid m. (N53, N59,N63, TG7-38, TG7-40)
Tongue musculature
Extrinsic mm.
     Genioglossus m. (N63, N59, TG7-10, TG7-40)
     Hyoglossus m. (N53, N59, TG7-40)
     Styloglossus m. (N59, N68, TG7-20, TG7-40)
Intrinsic mm. (N126, TG7-38)
Masticatory muscles: (N54, N55, TG7-31, TG7-34)
Temporalis m. and temporal fascia
Masseter m. and masseteric fascia
Lateral pterygoid m., upper and lower heads
Medial pterygoid m.
Oral cavity:
Oral cavity proper (N63, TG7-10, TG7-38A, TG7-38C)
Vestibule (TG7-38C)
Gingiva (N57, TG7-38A, TG7-38C)
Teeth (N56,N57, TG7-04, TG7-32)
Central & lateral incisors
First & second premolars
First, second, & third molars
Infratemporal fossa:
Location and boundaries (N4, N13, TG7-32)
Medial and lateral pterygoid mm. (see above) (N55, TG7-34)
Maxillary a. and branches (N69, TG7-19, TG7-34, TG7-35)
Inferior alveolar a.
Middle meningeal a.
Buccal a.
Muscular branches to masseter, temporalis, pterygoids
Pterygoid plexus of veins (N70, TG7-73)
Maxillary v. (N70, TG7-73)
Submandibular triangle:
Submandibular gland (N60, N61, N69, N73, TG7-12, TG7-37)
Paralingual space: (N51, N61, TG7-37A, TG7-37B, TG7-38)
Sublingual gland (TG7-37A, TG7-37B)
Deep part of submandibular gland and submandibular duct
Foramen cecum (N58, TG7-39)
Vallate papillae (N58, TG7-39)
Lingual frenulum (N51, TG7-38)
Sublingual caruncle and fold (N51, TG7-38)
Lingual tonsil (N58,N63, TG7-10, TG7-39)
Lingual artery (N69, N59, N51, TG7-19, TG7-40)
Venae commitans nervi hypoglossi (TG7-40)
Hypoglossal n. (N32, N71, N128, TG7-17, TG7-18, TG7-94)
Submandibular ganglion (N46, N59, N61, N122, TG7-37, TG7-40, TG7-84)
Auriculotemporal n. (N46, N61,N122, TG7-30, TG7-84)
Inferior alveolar n. (N42,N122, TG7-36, TG7-84)
Deep temporal nn. (N42, N122, TG7-36, TG7-85)
Lingual n. (N55, N57, N65, TG7-37, TG7-84A, TG7-84C)
Buccal n. (N50, N128, TG7-37, TG7-84)
Chorda tympani n. (N46, N94,N123, TG7-37, TG7-84, TG7-88B)
Mandibular division of trigeminal (N46, N55, TG7-37, TG7-84A, TG7-84B, TG7-84C, TG7-85A, TG7-85B)
Temporomandibular joint (TMJ):
Articular eminence and mandibular fossa (temporal bone) (see above) (N12,N17, TG7-06)
Condyle (mandible) (N16, TG7-32B, TG7-32C)
Capsule (N17, TG7-33)
Articular disc; upper and lower articular compartments (N17)
Clinical Terms:
Submandibular (Wharton's) duct calculus
TMJ syndrome/dislocation
LaForte fractures