Review Items - Parotid Gland & Face

Zygomatic arch (N4, TG7-03)
External acoustic meatus (N4, TG7-04A)
Mastoid process (N N4, TG7-04A, TG7-06)
Styloid process (N4, TG7-04A, TG7-06)
Rim of orbit (N2, TG7-03, TG7-57)
Supraorbital and infraorbital foramina (N2, TG7-03, TG7-57)
Stylomastoid foramen (N8, TG7-06)
Mandible (N N15,N2, TG7-06, TG7-32B, TG7-32C)
Posterior border
     Mental foramen
Parotid gland: (N25 , N61, N54, TG7-30A, TG7-30B, TG7-31A)
Parotid fossa
Parotid fascia
Parotid duct
Facial nerve branches: (N25, TG7-31A, TG7-87C)
Temporal brs.
Zygomatic brs.
Buccal brs.
Marginal mandibular brs.
Cervical br.
Muscles of facial expression: (N26 , N54, TG7-29, TG7-30A)
Acting on the oral opening
Levator labii superioris
Levator anguli oris
Zygomaticus major
Depressor anguli oris
Depressor labii inferioris
Orbicularis oris
Cutaneous branches of trigeminal n. (CN V): (TG7-81)
Supraorbital n. (V1) (N24 , N36, N45,N122, TG7-29, TG7-82)
Infraorbital n. (V2) (N24 ,N36, N45,N122, TG7-29, TG7-83)
Mental n. (V3) (N N24,N46,N122, TG7-29, TG7-84)
Auriculotemporal n. (V3) (N24 ,N46,N122, TG7-29, TG7-30, TG7-84)
Arteries: (N69,N23, TG7-19, TG7-71)
External carotid a.
Superior thyroid a.
Ascending pharyngeal a.
Lingual a.
Facial a.
Occipital a.
Maxillary a.
Superficial temporal a.
Superficial temporal v. (N23 ,N70, TG7-73)
Retromandibular v. (N70, TG7-11, TG7-73)
Anterior & posterior divisions
Facial v. (N23,N70, TG7-11, TG7-73)
Common facial v. (N70, TG7-11, TG7-73)
Posterior auricular v. (N70, TG7-11, TG7-73)
External jugular v. (N27,N70, TG7-11, TG7-73)
Clinical Terms:
Bell's palsy
Trigeminal neuralgia/tic douloureux
Frey's syndrome
Parotid tumor & calculus