Lab Video - Ear & Nasal Cavity

Play selected steps of the dissection. Choose reduced size for slower connections.
Full length video 720x480
1. Review the osteology of the temporal bone and nasal cavity. 720x480 480x320
2. On the decalcified temporal bone, identify the structures of the anterolateral surface of the middle ear cavity. 720x480 480x320
3. Identify the structures of the posteromedial wall of the middle ear cavity. Review the nerves related to the temporal bone and middle ear. 720x480 480x320
4. Examine the nasal cavity, its regions and internal structures. 720x480 480x320
5. Remove the conchae to expose the meatuses, the ethmoidal bulla, hiatus semilunaris and the openings of the sinuses. 720x480 480x320
6. Examine the muscles of the soft palate associated with the auditory tube. 720x480 480x320