Lab Video - Anterior Triangle of the Neck

Play selected steps of the dissection. Choose reduced size for slower connections.
Full length video 720x528 480x320
1. Review the bony landmarks. 720x528 480x352
2. Remove any remaining skin in the neck region and expose the platysma. 720x528 480x352
3. Reflect the platysma superiorly to expose the cutaneous veins and nerves of the neck. 720x528 480x352
4. Identify the triangles of the neck and clean the strap muscles and reflect them to expose the ansa cervicalis and the thyroid gland. 720x528 480x352
5. Open the carotid sheath to expose the associated vessels and nerves. 720x528 480x352
6. Dissect the thyroid gland, its vascular supply, the recurrent laryngeal nerves and the parathyroid glands. 720x528 480x352