Review Items - Anterior & Medial Thigh

Ilium (N248 or TG5-03, N486 or TG3-04A and TG3-04B)
Iliac crest
Iliac tubercle
Anterior superior iliac spine
Anterior inferior iliac spine
Pubis (N486 or TG3-04A and TG3-04B)
Pubic crest
Pubic tubercle
Inferior pubic ramus
Ischium (N486 or TG3-04A and TG3-04B)
Ischial tuberosity
Ischiopubic ramus (N382, N383 or TG3-05)
Obturator foramen and groove (N486 or TG3-05A and TG3-05B)
Femur (N489 or TG3-06 and TG3-07)
Medial & lateral epicondyles
Pectineal line of femur
Lesser trochanter
Linea aspera
Adductor tubercle
Patella (N507 or TG3-06 and TG3-56, N511)
Fibula (N513 or TG3-08 and TG3-09)
Lateral malleolus
Tibia (N513 or TG3-08 and TG3-09)
Condyles & tuberosity
Medial malleolus
Joints & Ligaments:
Pubic symphysis (N248 or TG5-03
A. Inguinal ligament (N250 or TG5-04, N492 or TG3-16)
B. Iliopsoas m. (N492 or TG3-16)
C. Sartorius m. (N492 or TG3-16)
Quadriceps femoris muscle group (N492 or TG3-16)
D. Rectus femoris m.
E. Vastus medialis m.
F. Vastus intermedius m.
G. Vastus lateralis m.
H. Patellar ligament (N492 or TG3-16)
I. Patellar retinacula (N492 or TG3-16)
Medial muscles of thigh
J. Pectineus (N492 or TG3-16)
K. Gracilis (N492 or TG3-16)
L. Adductor longus (N492 or TG3-19)
M. Adductor brevis (N493 or TG3-20, N501 or TG3-21)
N. Adductor magnus (N493 or TG3-21)
     O. Adductor tendon
     Adductor hiatus
P. Femoral n. (N500 or TG3-24, N544 or TG3-63)
Q. Anterior femoral cutaneous nn.
R. Saphenous n.
S. Obturator n. (N501 or TG3-24, N539 or TG3-64)
T. Femoral (common femoral) a. & v. (N500 or TG3-22, N512 or TG3-62)
U. Deep femoral a. & v. (N501 or TG3-23, N512 or TG3-62)
V.,W. Medial & lateral circumflex femoral aa. & vv. (N501 or TG3-23, N504, N512 or TG3-62)
X. Perforating aa. & vv. (N501 or TG3-23, N512 or TG3-62)
Femoral triangle, sheath, ring & canal (N262 or TG3-18A and TG3-18B)
Adductor canal (N492 or TG3-17, N500 or TG3-22, N501 or TG3-23)
Y. Pes anserinus (N490 or TG3-12, N493, N506 or TG3-57, N507 or TG3-56)
Z. Deep inguinal lymph nodes (N546 or TG3-70 and TG3-18B)
Clinical Terms:
Femoral hernia
Obturator hernia
Knee jerk reflex