Lab Video - Pectoral Region, Posterior Shoulder & Breast

Play selected steps of the dissection. Choose reduced size for slower connections.
Full length video [12 Sept 2011 - Full Length video not up to date. Please use theindividual videos] 640x480 576x404
1. Review the bony landmarks. 720x528 480x352
2. Remove the skin from the chest wall as in Figure 2. 720x528 480x352
3. Identify and reflect the pectoralis major muscle and identify its blood and nerve supply. 720x528 480x352
4. Identify and reflect the pectoralis minor muscle, identify its blood and nerve supply and clavipectoral fascia. 640x480  
5. Reflect deltoid muscle from acromion and spine of scapula. 720x528 480x352
6. Saw off acromion and reflect supraspinatus muscle. 720x528 480x352
7. Reflect infraspinatus from the medial border of scapula toward shoulder and find nerves and vessels beneath. 720x528 480x352
8. Dissect the teres minor and major muscles. 720x528 480x352


Updated: 15 Sept 2011