Review Items - Musculoskeletal Summary

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Humerus (N420, TG2-03A, N421, TG2-03B)
Medial & lateral epicondyles
Ulna (N439, TG2-04)
Styloid process
Radius (N439, TG2-04)
Styloid process
Ilium (N248, TG5-03, N486, TG3-04A, TG3-04B)
Iliac crest
Iliac tubercle
Anterior superior iliac spine
Femur (N489, TG3-06, TG3-07)
Medial & lateral epicondyles
Fibula (N495, TG3-08, TG3-09)
Lateral malleolus
Tibia (N513, TG3-08, TG3-09)
Medial malleolus
Scapula (N420, TG2-03A, N421, TG2-03B)
Scapular notch
Supra- & infraspinous fossae
Acromion process
Clavicle - acromial half (N419, TG2-03A)
Humerus (N420, TG2-03A,N421, TG2-03B)
Neck (anatomical & surgical)
Greater, lesser tubercles & crest of each
Bicipital (intertubercular) groove
Deltoid tuberosity
Medial & lateral epicondyles
Radial groove of humerus
Ulna (N436,N439, TG2-04AB)
Olecranon process
Coronoid process
Styloid process of ulna
Radius (N436,N439, TG2-04AB)
Styloid process of radius
Interosseous crest of ulna (N439,TG2-04)
Interosseous crest of radius (N439,TG2-04)
Dorsal radial tubercle (N439,TG2-04)
Carpals: scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, pisiform, trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, hamate (hook) (N452,TG2-31,TG2-32)
Metacarpals (N452,N456,TG2-31,TG2-32)
Phalanges (proximal, middle, distal) (N456,TG2-31,TG2-32)
Ilium (N248,TG5-03, N486,TG3-04A,TG3-04B)
Iliac crest
Iliac tubercle
Anterior superior iliac spine
Anterior inferior iliac spine
Pubis (N486,TG3-04A,TG3-04B)
Pubic crest
Pubic tubercle
Inferior pubic ramus
Ischium (N486,TG3-04A,TG3-04B)
Ischial tuberosity
Ischiopubic ramus (N382, N383,TG3-05)
Obturator foramen and groove (N486,TG3-05A,TG3-05B)
Femur (N489,TG3-06,TG3-07)
Medial & lateral epicondyles
Pectineal line of femur
Lesser trochanter
Linea aspera
Adductor tubercle
Patella (N507,TG3-06,TG3-56, N511)
Fibula (N513,TG3-08,TG3-09)
Lateral malleolus
Tibia (N513,TG3-08,TG3-09)
Condyles & tuberosity
Medial malleolus
Posterior superior iliac spine (N486,TG6-04)
Greater and lesser sciatic notch (N486,TG6-04)
Ischial spine & tuberosity (N486,TG6-04)
Femur (N489,TG3-06,TG3-07)
Greater trochanter
Intertrochanteric crest
Trochanteric fossa
Gluteal tuberosity
Head & neck of fibula (N513,TG3-08,TG3-09)
Soleal line of tibia (N513,TG3-09)
Tarsal bones (N523,N524,TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)
Calcaneus (N525,TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)
     Sustentaculum tali
Talus (N523,TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)
Navicular (N523,TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)
Cuboid (N523,TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)
Cuneiforms (medial, intermediate, lateral) (N523, TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)
Metatarsals (N524,TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)
Phalanges (N524,TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)
Tarsal bones (N523, TG3-40A, N524, TG3-40B)
Calcaneus (N525)
     Sustentaculum tali
Talus (N523, TG3-40)
Navicular (N523, TG3-40)
Cuboid (N523, TG3-40)
Cuneiforms (medial, intermediate, lateral) (N523, TG3-40)
Metatarsals (N524, TG3-40A, TG3-40B)
Phalanges (N524, TG3-40A, TG3-40B)
Subtalar joint (N524, TG3-41B, N525, TG3-41A)
Transverse tarsal joint (N523, TG3-61)
Humerus (N436,TG2-03)
Ulna (N436,TG2-04)
Radial notch
Trochlear notch
Head (N439,TG2-04)
Radius (N439,TG2-04)
Ulnar notch
Os coxae (N486,TG3-04,TG3-05)
     Acetabular notch
Obturator foramen
Femur (N489,TG3-06,TG3-07)
Fovea capitis
Intertrochanteric line
Intercondylar fossa
Patellar surface
Medial & lateral condyles
Tibia (N513,TG3-08,TG3-09)
     Medial & lateral (tibial plateau)
Intercondylar eminence
Muscles & related structures:
Deltoid m. (N424, TG2-07)
Teres major m. (N424, TG2-07, TG2-08)
Rotator cuff (N425, N426, TG2-08, TG2-16A, TG2-16B, TG2-16C)
Supraspinatus m.
Infraspinatus m.
Teres minor m.
Subscapularis m.
Serratus anterior m. (N191, TG4-07)
Biceps brachii m. (bicipital aponeurosis, long & short heads) (N431, TG2-17)
Coracobrachialis m. (N431, TG2-17)
Brachialis m. (N431, TG2-17)
Triceps brachii m. (long, lateral, & medial heads) (N432, TG2-18A, TG2-18B)
Anconeus m. (N432,N444, TG2-18)
Anterior (flexor) compartment: (N442,N443,TG2-23)
Pronator teres m.(superficial and deep heads) (N440,N447,N448,TG2-23,TG2-24)
Flexor carpi radialis m. (N446,TG2-23)
Palmaris longus m. (N446,TG2-23)
Flexor carpi ulnaris m. (N446,TG2-23)
Flexor digitorum superficialis m. (N447,TG2-24)
Flexor digitorum profundus m. (N448,TG2-25)
Flexor pollicis longus m. (N447,TG2-25)
Pronator quadratus m. (N440,N448,TG2-25)
Posterior (extensor) compartment: (N441,TG2-29)
Brachioradialis m. (N444,N446,TG2-29)
Extensor carpi radialis longus m. (N444,N446,TG2-29)
Extensor carpi radialis brevis m. (N444,TG2-29)
Extensor digitorum m. (N444,TG2-29)
Extensor digiti minimi m. (N444,TG2-29)
Extensor carpi ulnaris m. (N444,TG2-29)
Supinator m. (N440,N445,TG2-30)
Abductor pollicis longus m. (N445,TG2-30)
Extensor pollicis brevis m. (N445,TG2-30)
Extensor pollicis longus m. (N445,TG2-30)
Extensor indicis m. (N445,TG2-30)
Extensor expansion (interosseous tendons; lumbrical tendons) (N464,N470,TG2-41)
Abductor pollicis brevis m. (N465, TG2-34)
Flexor pollicis brevis m. (N465, TG2-34)
Opponens pollicis m. (N465, TG2-35)
Adductor pollicis (oblique & transverse heads) m. (N461, N465, TG2-35)
Abductor digiti minimi m. (N461, N465, TG2-35)
Flexor digiti minimi (brevis) m. (N461, N465, TG2-34)
Opponens digiti minimi m. (N461, N448, TG2-35)
Dorsal interossei mm. (4) (N465, TG2-35)
Palmar interossei mm. (3) (N465, TG2-35)
Lumbricals mm. (4) (N463, TG2-34)
Iliopsoas m. (N492,TG3-16)
Sartorius m. (N492,TG3-16)
Quadriceps femoris muscle group (N492,TG3-16)
Rectus femoris m.
Vastus medialis m.
Vastus intermedius m.
Vastus lateralis m.
Patellar ligament (N492,TG3-16)
Patellar retinacula (N492,TG3-16)
Medial muscles of thigh
Pectineus (N492,TG3-16)
Gracilis (N492,TG3-16)
Adductor longus (N492,TG3-19)
Adductor brevis (N493,TG3-20, N501,TG3-21)
Adductor magnus (N493,TG3-21)
     Adductor tendon
     Adductor hiatus
Gluteus maximus m. & fascia (N503,TG3-26)
Gluteus medius m. & fascia (N503,TG3-26)
Gluteus minimus m. (N503,TG3-26)
Tensor fasciae latae m. (N494,N503,TG3-17)
Piriformis m. (N503,TG3-26)
Obturator internus tendon & m. (N495,N503,TG3-26,TG3-28)
Superior & inferior gemellus mm. (N503,TG3-26,TG3-28)
Quadratus femoris m. (N503,TG3-26,TG3-28)
Biceps femoris m. (N495,TG3-29)
Long & short head
Semitendinosus m. (N495,TG3-29)
Semimembranosus m. (N495,TG3-29)
Superficial posterior compartment of leg
Triceps surae m.
     Gastrocnemius m. (N516,N517,TG3-33)
     Soleus m. (N517,TG3-34)
Plantaris m. (N517,TG3-34)
Calcaneus tendon (N516,N517,TG3-33)
Deep posterior compartment of leg
Popliteus m. (N518,TG3-31)
Flexor digitorum longus m. (N518,TG3-35)
Tibialis posterior m. (N518,TG3-35)
Flexor hallucis longus m. (N518,TG3-35)
Anterior compartment of leg
Tibialis anterior m. (N519, TG3-37)
Extensor hallucis longus m. (N519, TG3-37)
Extensor digitorum longus m. (N519, TG3-37)
Fibularis (peroneus) tertius m. (N521, TG3-37, N530, TG3-45)
Lateral compartment of leg
Fibularis (peroneus) longus m. (N519, TG3-37, N521, TG3-36)
Fibularis (peroneus) brevis m. (N519, TG3-37, N521, TG3-36)
Extensor digitorum brevis m. (N530, TG3-45)
Extensor hallucis brevis m. (N530, TG3-45)
Medial (big toe) compartment of foot
Abductor hallucis m. (N533, TG3-49)
Flexor hallucis brevis m. (N533, TG3-49, N535, TG3-51)
Tendon of flexor hallucis longus m. (N533, TG3-50)
Central compartment of foot
Flexor digitorum brevis m. (N533, TG3-49)
Quadratus plantae m. (N534, TG3-50)
Flexor digitorum longus tendons (N534, TG3-50)
Adductor hallucis m. (N535, TG3-51)
Interosseous mm. (plantar and dorsal) (N531, TG3-46, N535, TG3-51, N536, TG3-52, N537)
Lateral, medial & posterior antebrachial cutaneous nn. (N429, TG2-15, N430, N431, TG2-17, N477, TG2-50, N479, TG2-02, N480)
Superficial branch of radial n. (N478, TG2-50)
Ulnar n. (N476,N480, TG2-14, TG2-49)
Dorsal cutaneous branch
     Dorsal digital branches
Lateral femoral cutaneous n. (N544, TG3-02)
Femoral n. (N500, TG3-17, N540, TG3-63)
Anterior femoral cutaneous nn.
Saphenous n.
Posterior femoral cutaneous n. (N540, TG3-28)
Medial & lateral sural cutaneous nn. (N540, TG3-39)
Sural nerve (N540, TG3-39)
Superficial fibular (peroneal) n. (N502, N524, TG3-65)
Deep fibular (peroneal) n. (N520, N542, TG3-65)
Intercostobrachial n. (N429,N473,N479)
Brachial plexus: (N429,N430, TG2-14, TG2-13)
Suprascapular n. (N429, TG2-14, N426, TG2-08)
Long thoracic n. (N429,N190, TG2-13)
Medial cord (N430, TG2-14)
Medial pectoral n. (N429, TG2-13)
Medial brachial cutaneous n. (N433,N479, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Medial antebrachial cutaneous n. (N433,N479, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Ulnar nerve (N433,N476, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Contribution to median n. (N429, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Lateral cord
Lateral pectoral n. (N429, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Musculocutaneous n. (N474, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Contribution to median n. (N429, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Median n. (N473,N475, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Posterior cord (N430, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Upper subscapular n. (N429, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Thoracodorsal n. (middle subscapular n.) (N426, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Lower subscapular n. (N426, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Axillary n. (N426, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Radial n. (N477,N478, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Ulnar n. (N448,N468,N459,TG2-27,TG2-49)
Median n. (N466,N458,TG2-27,TG2-48)
Anterior interosseous n. (N448,TG2-27,TG2-25)
Radial nn. (superficial & deep) (N447,N467,N478,TG2-27,TG2-50)

Median: (
N475, TG2-48)
Recurrent (motor) br. (N466, TG2-38)
Common palmar digital brs. (N466, TG2-38)
     Proper palmar digital brs. (N466, TG2-38A, TG2-38B)
Ulnar: (N476, TG2-49)
Superficial branch (N466, TG2-38)
     Common palmar digital brs. (N466, TG2-38)
          Proper palmar digital brs. (N466, TG2-38A, TG2-38B)
Deep br. (N465, N466, TG2-38) Femoral n. (N500,TG3-24, N544,TG3-63)
Anterior femoral cutaneous nn.
Saphenous n.
Obturator n. (N501,TG3-24, N539,TG3-64)
Sacral plexus (N499,TG3-25A,TG3-25B)
Superior gluteal a., v. & n. (N485,N499,N503,TG3-26)
Inferior gluteal a., v. & n. (N499,TG3-26)
Pudendal n. (N499,N502,N503,TG3-26)
Internal pudendal a. & v. (N402,N384,TG3-26)
Nerve to obturator internus (& superior gemellus) (N499,N503,TG3-26)
Sciatic n. (502,TG3-26)
Tibial n. (N540,TG3-66)
Common fibular (peroneal) n. (N540,TG3-65A,TG3-65B)
Popliteal a. & v. (N517,TG3-31)
Genicular aa. (N517,TG3-38AB)
     Superior medial
     Superior lateral
     Middle (N512)
Anterior tibial (N520,TG3-38AB)
Posterior tibial (N518,TG3-38AB)
     Fibular (peroneal) (N518,TG3-38AB)
Tibial (N541, TG3-39)
Medial plantar n.
Lateral plantar n.
     Deep br.
     Superficial br.
Digital branches
Common fibular (peroneal) n. (N541, TG3-39)
Superficial & deep fibular (peroneal) n. (N542, TG3-65)
Blood vessels:
Cephalic v. (N424, TG2-12A, N428, TG2-12B, N479, TG2-02)
Dorsal venous network of hand (N480, TG2-02)
Basilic v. (N479, TG2-02, N480)
Median cubital v. (N479, TG2-02)
Superficial epigastric v. (N500, N544, TG3-02)
Dorsal venous arch of foot (N544, TG3-02)
Greater saphenous vein (N544, TG3-02, N546, TG3-70)
Lesser saphenous vein (N545, TG3-03) Suprascapular a. & v. (N426, TG2-08, N427, TG2-15)
Axillary a. & v. (N184,N189, TG2-15A, TG2-15B)
Thoracoacromial a. (N427, TG2-15)
Lateral thoracic a. (N191,N427, TG2-15A, TG2-15B)
Subscapular a. (N427, TG2-15A, TG2-15B)
     Thoracodorsal a. (N427, TG2-15A, TG2-15B)
     Circumflex scapular a. & its collateral circulation (N427, TG2-15, TG2-09A)
Circumflex humeral aa. (anterior & posterior) (N427, TG2-15, TG2-09A)
Brachial a. & vv. (N434,N429, TG2-17, TG2-19)
Deep brachial a. (N434, TG2-18, TG2-19)
Ulnar a. (N448,TG2-26A,TG2-26B,TG2-46)
Common interosseous a. (N448,TG2-26A,TG2-26B)
     Anterior interosseous a. (N448,N466,TG2-26A,TG2-26B)
     Posterior interosseous a. (N448,N445,TG2-26A,TG2-30,TG2-26A)
Radial a. (N447,N466,TG2-26A,TG2-26B,TG2-46)
Radial - superficial palmar br., princeps pollicis, radialis indicis, deep br. (N466, TG2-37)
Ulnar - superficial & deep brs. (N466, TG2-37A, TG2-37B)
Superficial palmar arterial arch (N466, TG2-37A, TG2-37B)
Common palmar digital brs. (N466, TG2-37A, TG2-37B)
     Proper palmar digital brs. (N466, TG2-37A, TG2-37B)
Deep palmar arterial arch (N466, TG2-37A, TG2-37B)
Palmar metacarpal brs. (N466, TG2-37A, TG2-37B)
Femoral (common femoral) a. & v. (N500,TG3-22, N512,TG3-62)
Deep femoral a. & v. (N501,TG3-23, N512,TG3-62)
Medial & lateral circumflex femoral aa. & vv. (N501,TG3-23, N504, N512,TG3-62)
Perforating aa. & vv. (N501,TG3-23, N512,TG3-62)
Anterior tibial (N520, TG3-38)
Dorsalis pedis
     Deep plantar
Posterior tibial (N518, TG3-38, TG3-35)
Medial plantar (N535, TG3-51)
Lateral plantar (N535, TG3-51)
     Plantar arterial arch (N536, TG3-53)
Topography & Fascia:
Brachial fascia (N479, TG2-02)
Antebrachial fascia (N480, TG2-02)
Cubital fossa (N418, TG2-24)
Fascia lata (N544, TG3-02)
Iliotibial tract (N493, TG3-16, TG3-26)
Saphenous opening (N544, TG3-02)
Crural fascia (N544, TG3-02, TG3-03)
Dorsal & plantar fascia of foot (N544, TG3-02,N545, TG3-03)
Boundaries of axilla - anterior & posterior axillary folds (N181, TG4-01)
Anterior and posterior compartments of arm (N435)
Neurovascular compartment of arm (N435)
Medial and lateral intermuscular septa (N435)
Cubital fossa (N418, TG2-23)
Quadrangular space (N426, TG2-08)
Triangular space (N426, TG2-08)
Subacromial (subdeltoid) bursa (N423, TG2-42)
Antebrachial fascia (N459,N479,TG2-02)
Anterior compartment of forearm (N449,TG2-23)
Palmar carpal ligament (N459,TG2-23)
Posterior compartment (N449,TG2-29)
Extensor retinaculum (N470,TG2-29)
     Synovial bursa (sheath) (N470,TG2-34)
Interosseous membrane (N439,TG2-21)
Anatomical snuffbox (N444,N450,TG2-29)
Palmar aponeurosis (N459, TG2-33)
Flexor retinaculum (N460, TG2-34)
Carpal tunnel (N461, TG2-36)
Radial bursa (N462)
Ulnar bursa (N462, TG2-34)
Fibrous digital flexor sheaths (N462, TG2-34)
Vincula (N464, TG2-45)
Compartments of the hand:
Thenar (N460, TG2-34, N462, TG2-36)
Hypothenar (N460, TG2-34, N462, TG2-36)
Central (N462, TG2-36)
Adductor-interosseous (N462, TG2-36)
Femoral triangle, sheath, ring & canal (N262,TG3-18A,TG3-18B)
Adductor canal (N492,TG3-17, N500,TG3-22, N501,TG3-23)
Pes anserinus (N490,TG3-12, N493, N506,TG3-57, N507,TG3-56)
Fascia lata (N544,TG3-03)
Sacroiliac joint (N341,N354,TG6-06A,TG6-06B)
Popliteal fossa - boundaries (N495,TG3-31)
Flexor retinaculum (N511,TG3-35)
Extensor retinacula - superior & inferior (N530, TG3-45)
Fibular (peroneal) retinacula - superior & inferior (N529, TG3-60)
Flexor retinaculum (N529, TG3-34)
Calcaneometatarsal ligament (N532, TG3-48)
Plantar aponeurosis (N532, TG3-48)
Superficial inguinal lymph nodes (N546, TG3-70)
Axillary lymph nodes:
(N184, TG2-11)
Pectoral (anterior axillary)
Humeral (lateral axillary)
Subscapular (posterior axillary)
Central axillary
Apical axillary
Deep inguinal lymph nodes (N546,TG3-70,TG3-18B)
Joints & Ligaments:
Pubic symphysis (N248, TG5-03)
Inguinal ligament (N250, TG5-04, N491, TG3-16)
Sacrotuberal ligament (N503,N353,TG3-07,TG6-06)
Sacrospinal ligament (N503,N353,TG3-07,TG6-06)
Sternoclavicular joint: (N419,TG2-42A)
Articular disc (TG2-42BC)

Acromioclavicular joint: (N423,TG2-42)
Coracoacromial ligament
Coracoclavicular ligament

Glenohumeral (shoulder) joint: (N423,TG2-42A,TG2-42BC)
Glenohumeral bands
Subscapular bursa
Tendon of long head of biceps
Transverse humeral ligament
Glenoid labrum

Elbow joint:
Humeroulnar joint
Humeroradial joint (N436,TG2-43A,TG2-43BC)
Radioulnar joint (proximal) (N438,TG2-43BC)
    Ulnar and radial collateral ligaments
    Annular ligament

Interosseous membrane (N439,TG2-21)

Distal radioulnar joint: (N454,TG2-44A,N455,TG2-44B)
Articular disc (TG2-44C)

Radiocarpal (wrist) joint:
Palmar radiocarpal ligament (N454,TG2-44)
Dorsal radiocarpal ligament (N455,TG2-44)
Ulnar and radial collateral ligament (N454,TG2-44A, N455,TG2-44B)

Deep transverse metacarpal ligaments (N458,TG2-45)
Midcarpal joint (N455,TG2-44)
Carpometacarpal joints (N455,TG2-44)
Metacarpophalangeal joints (N458,TG2-45)
Interphalangeal joints (N458,TG2-45)

Hip joint:
Iliofemoral ligament (N487,TG3-54)
Pubofemoral ligament (N487,TG3-54)
Ischiofemoral ligament (N487,TG3-54)
Zona orbicularis (TG3-55A,TG3-55B)
Acetabular labrum (N487,TG3-55)
Transverse acetabular ligament (N487,TG3-55)
Ligamentum capitis femoris (N487,TG3-55)
Iliopectineal bursa (N487,TG3-54,N496)
Associated structures
Obturator externus muscle (N493,TG3-21, N539,TG3-64)
Obturator membrane (N487,TG3-55)
Obturator artery (N487,TG3-55)
Knee joint:
Fibular (lateral) collateral ligament (N507,TG3-57,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Tibial (medial) collateral ligament (N507,TG3-57,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Infrapatellar synovial fat pad (N507,TG3-58,N511)
Anterior cruciate ligament (N507,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Posterior cruciate ligament (N507,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Medial and lateral menisci (N507,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Ankle and foot joints:
Interosseous membrane (N514,TG3-30)
Distal tibiofibular joint
Anterior & posterior tibiofibular ligaments (N514,TG3-60A,TG3-60B)
Transverse tibiofibular ligament (N514)
Ankle joint
Subtalar joint (N524,TG3-41,N525,TG3-60)
     Interosseous talocalcaneal ligament (N524,TG3-60,N525)
Medial side
     Deltoid ligament (N527,TG3-60)
Lateral side
     Anterior talofibular ligament (N527,TG3-60)
     Calcaneofibular ligament (N527,TG3-60)
     Posterior talofibular ligament (N527,TG3-60)
Plantar foot
Long & short plantar ligaments (N528,TG3-61)
Plantar calcaneonavicular (spring) ligament (N528,TG3-61)
Transverse tarsal (midtarsal) joint (N523,TG3-61)
Clinical Terms:
Meralgia paresthetica
Saphenous cutdown
Varicose veins
Erb-Duchenne palsy
Klumpke's palsy
Radial nerve ("Saturday night") palsy
Rotator cuff tear
Subdeltoid/subacromial bursitis
Painful arc syndrome Colles fracture
Tennis elbow
Scaphoid fracture/avascular necrosis
Wrist drop
Dupuytren's contracture
Ulnar claw hand
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Ape hand
Allen's test
Femoral hernia
Obturator hernia
Knee jerk reflex
Avascular necrosis
Hip prosthesis
Trendelenburg sign/gluteal gait
Ischial bursitis
Trochanteric bursitis
Popliteal artery aneurysm
Compartment syndrome
Foot drop
Shin splints
Bunion/hallux valgus
Flat foot
Talipes equinovarus (club foot)
Separated shoulder
Pulled elbow
Pitcher's elbow
Popliteal/Baker's cyst
Terrible triad
Drawer sign
Pott's fracture
Knee prosthesis
Genu valgus/varus