Review Items - Leg, and Knee Joint

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Tibia (N513,TG3-08,TG3-09)


     Medial & lateral (tibial plateau)

Intercondylar eminence


Head & neck of fibula (N513,TG3-08,TG3-09)
Soleal line of tibia (
Tarsal bones (

Calcaneus (N525,TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)


     Sustentaculum tali

Talus (N523,TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)

Navicular (N523,TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)

Cuboid (N523,TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)

Cuneiforms (medial, intermediate, lateral) (N523, TG3-40A,TG3-40B,TG3-41A,TG3-41B)
Metatarsals (
Phalanges (




Extensor retinacula - superior & inferior (N530, TG3-45)
Fibular (peroneal) retinacula - superior & inferior (
N529, TG3-60)
Flexor retinaculum (
N529, TG3-34)

Muscles and associated structures:

Superficial posterior compartment of leg

Triceps surae m.

     Gastrocnemius m. (N516,N517,TG3-33)

     Soleus m. (N517,TG3-34)

Plantaris m. (N517,TG3-34)

Calcaneus tendon (N516,N517,TG3-33)
Deep posterior compartment of leg

Popliteus m. (N518,TG3-31)

Flexor digitorum longus m. (N518,TG3-35)

Tibialis posterior m. (N518,TG3-35)

Flexor hallucis longus m. (N518,TG3-35)

Anterior compartment of leg

Tibialis anterior m. (N519, TG3-37)

Extensor hallucis longus m. (N519, TG3-37)

Extensor digitorum longus m. (N519, TG3-37)

Fibularis (peroneus) tertius m. (N521, TG3-37, N530, TG3-45)
Lateral compartment of leg

Fibularis (peroneus) longus m. (N519, TG3-37, N521, TG3-36)

Fibularis (peroneus) brevis m. (N519, TG3-37, N521, TG3-36)
Extensor digitorum brevis m. (
N530, TG3-45)
Extensor hallucis brevis m. (
N530, TG3-45)

Arteries and veins:

Anterior tibial (N520, TG3-38)

Dorsalis pedis

     Deep plantar
Posterior tibial (
N518, TG3-38, TG3-35)



Sciatic n. (502,TG3-26)

Tibial n. (N540,TG3-66)

Common fibular (peroneal) n. (N540,TG3-65A,TG3-65B)
Popliteal a. & v. (

Genicular aa. (N517,TG3-38AB)

     Superior medial

     Superior lateral

     Middle (N512)

Anterior tibial (N520,TG3-38AB)

Posterior tibial (N518,TG3-38AB)

     Fibular (peroneal) (N518,TG3-38AB)

Common fibular (peroneal) n. (
N541, TG3-39)

Superficial & deep fibular (peroneal) n. (N542, TG3-65)

Knee joint:

Fibular (lateral) collateral ligament (N507,TG3-57,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Tibial (medial) collateral ligament (
N507,TG3-57,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Infrapatellar synovial fat pad (
Anterior cruciate ligament (
N507,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Posterior cruciate ligament (
N507,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Medial and lateral menisci (
N507,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)


Clinical Terms:

Compartment syndrome

Popliteal/Baker's cyst

Terrible triad

Drawer sign

Pott's fracture

Knee prosthesis

Genu valgus/varus

Foot drop

Shin splints


Updated 9 Nov 2011