Review Items - Joints of the Upper & Lower Limbs

NOTE: This lab session will be done with plastinated specimens, primarily.
This session is also done by the whole class, so there is no need to place labels on the plastinated specimens.
Humerus (N436,TG2-03)
Ulna (N436,TG2-04)
Radial notch
Trochlear notch
Head (N439,TG2-04)
Radius (N439,TG2-04)
Ulnar notch
Os coxae (N486,TG3-04,TG3-05)
     Acetabular notch
Obturator foramen
Femur (N489,TG3-06,TG3-07)
Fovea capitis
Intertrochanteric line
Intercondylar fossa
Patellar surface
Medial & lateral condyles
Tibia (N513,TG3-08,TG3-09)
     Medial & lateral (tibial plateau)
Intercondylar eminence
Sternoclavicular joint: (N419,TG2-42A)
Articular disc (TG2-42BC)

Acromioclavicular joint: (N423,TG2-42)
Coracoacromial ligament
Coracoclavicular ligament

Glenohumeral (shoulder) joint: (N423,TG2-42A,TG2-42BC)
Glenohumeral bands
Subscapular bursa
Tendon of long head of biceps
Transverse humeral ligament
Glenoid labrum

Elbow joint:
Humeroulnar joint
Humeroradial joint (N436,TG2-43A,TG2-43BC)
Radioulnar joint (proximal) (N438,TG2-43BC)
    Ulnar and radial collateral ligaments
    Annular ligament

Interosseous membrane (N439,TG2-21)

Distal radioulnar joint: (N454,TG2-44A,N455,TG2-44B)
Articular disc (TG2-44C)

Radiocarpal (wrist) joint:
Palmar radiocarpal ligament (N454,TG2-44)
Dorsal radiocarpal ligament (N455,TG2-44)
Ulnar and radial collateral ligament (N454,TG2-44A, N455,TG2-44B)

Deep transverse metacarpal ligaments (N458,TG2-45)
Midcarpal joint (N455,TG2-44)
Carpometacarpal joints (N455,TG2-44)
Metacarpophalangeal joints (N458,TG2-45)
Interphalangeal joints (N458,TG2-45)

Hip joint:
Iliofemoral ligament (N487,TG3-54)
Pubofemoral ligament (N487,TG3-54)
Ischiofemoral ligament (N487,TG3-54)
Zona orbicularis (TG3-55A,TG3-55B)
Acetabular labrum (N487,TG3-55)
Transverse acetabular ligament (N487,TG3-55)
Ligamentum capitis femoris (N487,TG3-55)
Iliopectineal bursa (N487,TG3-54,N496)
Associated structures
Obturator externus muscle (N493,TG3-21, N539,TG3-64)
Obturator membrane (N487,TG3-55)
Obturator artery (N487,TG3-55)
Knee joint:
Fibular (lateral) collateral ligament (N507,TG3-57,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Tibial (medial) collateral ligament (N507,TG3-57,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Infrapatellar synovial fat pad (N507,TG3-58,N511)
Anterior cruciate ligament (N507,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Posterior cruciate ligament (N507,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Medial and lateral menisci (N507,TG3-58, N509,TG3-59)
Ankle and foot joints:
Interosseous membrane (N514,TG3-30)
Distal tibiofibular joint
Anterior & posterior tibiofibular ligaments (N514,TG3-60A,TG3-60B)
Transverse tibiofibular ligament (N514)
Ankle joint
Subtalar joint (N524,TG3-41,N525,TG3-60)
     Interosseous talocalcaneal ligament (N524,TG3-60,N525)
Medial side
     Deltoid ligament (N527,TG3-60)
Lateral side
     Anterior talofibular ligament (N527,TG3-60)
     Calcaneofibular ligament (N527,TG3-60)
     Posterior talofibular ligament (N527,TG3-60)
Plantar foot
Long & short plantar ligaments (N528,TG3-61)
Plantar calcaneonavicular (spring) ligament (N528,TG3-61)
Transverse tarsal (midtarsal) joint (N523,TG3-61)
Clinical Terms:
Separated shoulder
Pulled elbow
Pitcher's elbow
Popliteal/Baker's cyst
Terrible triad
Drawer sign
Pott's fracture
Knee prosthesis
Genu valgus/varus