Review Items - Ankle and Foot

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Tarsal bones (N523, TG3-40A, N524, TG3-40B)

Calcaneus (N525)


     Sustentaculum tali

Talus (N523, TG3-40)

Navicular (N523, TG3-40)

Cuboid (N523, TG3-40)

Cuneiforms (medial, intermediate, lateral) (N523, TG3-40)
Metatarsals (
N524, TG3-40A, TG3-40B)
Phalanges (
N524, TG3-40A, TG3-40B)
Subtalar joint (
N524, TG3-41B, N525, TG3-41A)
Transverse tarsal joint (
N523, TG3-61)


Extensor retinacula - superior & inferior (N530, TG3-45)
Fibular (peroneal) retinacula - superior & inferior (
N529, TG3-60)
Flexor retinaculum (
N529, TG3-34)
Calcaneometatarsal ligament (
N532, TG3-48)
Plantar aponeurosis (
N532, TG3-48)

Muscles and associated structures:

Medial (big toe) compartment of foot

Abductor hallucis m. (N533, TG3-49)

Flexor hallucis brevis m. (N533, TG3-49, N535, TG3-51)

Tendon of flexor hallucis longus m. (N533, TG3-50)
Central compartment of foot

Flexor digitorum brevis m. (N533, TG3-49)

Quadratus plantae m. (N534, TG3-50)

Flexor digitorum longus tendons (N534, TG3-50)

Adductor hallucis m. (N535, TG3-51)

Interosseous mm. (plantar and dorsal) (N531, TG3-46, N535, TG3-51, N536, TG3-52, N537)

Arteries and veins:

Dorsalis pedis

     Deep plantar
Posterior tibial (
N518, TG3-38, TG3-35)

Medial plantar (N535, TG3-51)

Lateral plantar (N535, TG3-51)

     Plantar arterial arch (N536, TG3-53)


Medial plantar n.

Lateral plantar n.

     Deep br.

     Superficial br.

Digital branches
Common fibular (peroneal) n. (
N541, TG3-39)

Superficial & deep fibular (peroneal) n. (N542, TG3-65)


Ankle and foot joints:

Interosseous membrane (N514,TG3-30)
Distal tibiofibular joint

Anterior & posterior tibiofibular ligaments (N514,TG3-60A,TG3-60B)

Transverse tibiofibular ligament (N514)
Ankle joint

Subtalar joint (N524,TG3-41,N525,TG3-60)

     Interosseous talocalcaneal ligament (N524,TG3-60,N525)

Medial side

     Deltoid ligament (N527,TG3-60)

Lateral side

     Anterior talofibular ligament (N527,TG3-60)

     Calcaneofibular ligament (N527,TG3-60)

     Posterior talofibular ligament (N527,TG3-60)
Plantar foot

Long & short plantar ligaments (N528,TG3-61)

Plantar calcaneonavicular (spring) ligament (N528,TG3-61)
Transverse tarsal (midtarsal) joint (

Clinical Terms:

 Foot drop

Shin splints

Bunion/hallux valgus

Flat foot

Talipes equinovarus (club foot)




Updated: 14 November 2011