Lecture Notes - Hand

The streaming video of this lecture is unfortunately not available.
The computer presentation used by Dr. Fisher in lecture is available on the web (password protected). You can also download the PowerPoint presentation to print or review.

  1. Muscular organization of extensor muscles
    1. Superficial muscle group
        extensor carpi radialis longus
        extensor carpi radialis brevis
        extensor digitorum
        extensor digiti minimi
        extensor carpi ulnaris
    2. Deep muscle group
        abductor pollicis longus
        extensor pollicis brevis
        extensor pollicis longus
        extensor indicis
  2. Relationships of tendons beneath extensor retinaculum


  1. Muscles of the hand with nervous innervation
    1. Creases of the palm and relationships
    2. Palmar aponeurosis
  2. Flexor retinaculum and carpal tunnel
    1. Median and ulnar nerve distribution in the hand
    2. Radial and ulnar bursa
    3. Structure within the digits
      1. Fibrous digital sheath
      2. Tendonous synovial sheath
      3. Extensor expansion (extensor hood)
      4. Anatomical snuff box
  3. Compartmentalization
    1. Central compartment
    2. Adductor-interosseus compartment
    3. Thenar and hypothenar compartments
  4. Vasculature of the hand