Lecture Notes - Flexor compartment of the forearm, Superficial Hand, and Elbow joint

The streaming video of the 2004-5 lab overview is available on the web (password protected).
The computer presentation used by Dr. Fisher in lecture is available on the web (password protected). You can also download the PowerPoint presentation to print or review.

  1. Flexor muscles of forearm and nervous innervation
    1. Compartmental regions
    2. Muscular function
    3. Nerve relationships
  2. Muscular organization of flexor muscles
    1. Superficial muscle group
        pronator teres
        flexor carpi radialis
        palmaris longus
        flexor carpi ulnaris
    2. Intermediate muscle
        flexor digitorum superficialis
    3. Deep muscle group
        flexor digitorum profundus
        flexor pollicis longus
        pronator quadratus
  3. Arterial supply to the forearm
  4. Cross-sectional organization of forearm
  5. Relationships of structures within the forearm beneath the palmar carpal ligament