Review Items - Axilla, Arm, & Shoulder Joint

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Scapula (N420, TG2-03A, N421, TG2-03B)

Scapular notch
Supra- & infraspinous fossae
Acromion process
Glenoid fossa

Supraglenoid tubercle

Infraglenoid tubercle

Clavicle - acromial half (N419, TG2-03A)
Humerus (N420, TG2-03A,N421, TG2-03B)

Neck (anatomical & surgical)
Greater, lesser tubercles & crest of each
Bicipital (intertubercular) groove
Deltoid tuberosity
Medial & lateral epicondyles
Radial groove of humerus

Coronoid fossa

Radial fossa

Olecranon fossa

Brachial plexus: (N429,N430, TG2-14, TG2-13)
Suprascapular n. (N429, TG2-14, N426, TG2-08)
Long thoracic n. (N429,N190, TG2-13)
Medial cord (N430, TG2-14)
Medial pectoral n. (N429, TG2-13)
Medial brachial cutaneous n. (N433,N479, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Medial antebrachial cutaneous n. (N433,N479, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Ulnar nerve (N433,N476, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Contribution to median n. (N429, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Lateral cord
Lateral pectoral n. (N429, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Musculocutaneous n. (N474, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Contribution to median n. (N429, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Median n. (N473,N475, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Posterior cord (N430, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Upper subscapular n. (N429, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Thoracodorsal n. (middle subscapular n.) (N426, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Lower subscapular n. (N426, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Axillary n. (N426, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Radial n. (N477,N478, TG2-13, TG2-14)
Other nerves:
Intercostobrachial n. (N429,N473,N479)

Muscles & related structures:

These items have been previously dissected. Please review:

Deltoid m. (N424, TG2-07)
Teres major m. (N424, TG2-07, TG2-08)
Rotator cuff (N425, N426, TG2-08, TG2-16A, TG2-16B, TG2-16C)

Supraspinatus m.
Infraspinatus m.
Teres minor m.
Subscapularis m.
Serratus anterior m. (N191, TG4-07)

Muscluature of the arm:

Biceps brachii m. (bicipital aponeurosis, long & short heads) (N431, TG2-17)
Coracobrachialis m. (N431, TG2-17)
Brachialis m. (N431, TG2-17)
Triceps brachii m. (long, lateral, & medial heads) (N432, TG2-18A, TG2-18B)
Anconeus m. (N432,N444, TG2-18)

Fascia, boundaries & compartments:
Boundaries of axilla - anterior & posterior axillary folds (N181, TG4-01)
Anterior and posterior compartments of arm (N435)
Neurovascular compartment of arm (N435)
Medial and lateral intermuscular septa (N435)
Cubital fossa (N418, TG2-23)
Quadrangular space (N426, TG2-08)
Triangular space (N426, TG2-08)
Subacromial (subdeltoid) bursa (N423, TG2-42)
Suprascapular a. & v. (N426, TG2-08, N427, TG2-15)
Axillary a. & v. (N184,N189, TG2-15A, TG2-15B)
Thoracoacromial a. (N427, TG2-15)
Lateral thoracic a. (N191,N427, TG2-15A, TG2-15B)
Subscapular a. (N427, TG2-15A, TG2-15B)
     Thoracodorsal a. (N427, TG2-15A, TG2-15B)
     Circumflex scapular a. & its collateral circulation (N427, TG2-15, TG2-09A)
Circumflex humeral aa. (anterior & posterior) (N427, TG2-15, TG2-09A)
Brachial a. & vv. (N434,N429, TG2-17, TG2-19)
Deep brachial a. (N434, TG2-18, TG2-19)

Previously dissected. Review:

Axillary lymph nodes: (N184, TG2-11)
Pectoral (anterior axillary)
Humeral (lateral axillary)
Subscapular (posterior axillary)
Central axillary
Apical axillary
Clinical Items:

Erb-Duchenne palsy
Klumpke's palsy
Radial nerve ("Saturday night") palsy
Rotator cuff tear
Subdeltoid/subacromial bursitis
Painful arc syndrome
Impingement syndrome
Shoulder dislocation


Updated: 24 Oct 2011