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Overview of the Nervous System

Every minute of every day, your nervous system is sending and receiving countless messages about what is happening both inside and around your body. Right now, your nervous system is receiving sensory input from your eyes about the words on the screen, from your ears about the sound of the computer, from your skin about the feel of your clothes, etc. At the same time, your brain is receiving information from sensors that monitor your heartrate, blood pressure, levels of oxygen and the contents of your stomach and intestines. Your brain then interprets all of these signals, which allows for an understanding of the words on the screen, the recognition of the noise as computer noise, and the development of motor responses such as moving your eyeballs, changing positions in your chair, and decreasing or increasing your heartrate and digestion. In short, your nervous system coordinates all the activities of your body. This module will provide a general overview of the nervous system as a whole. A word of caution: A system capable of so many sophisticated and complicated functions has to be extremely complex. One module cannot possibly present all the information about the nervous system, and it will probably take a few trips through the nervous system before the pieces fall into place, so don't despair if you're a bit confused.

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