Lab Video - Peritoneal Cavity & Intestines

Play selected steps of the dissection. Choose reduced size for slower connections.
Full length video624x432 480x320
1. Review the bony landmarks of the abdominal cavity.No video
2. Expose the abdominal organs by making a midline vertical incision. 720x528 480x352
3. Examine the abdominal contents, identifying organs, mesenteries, and their relationships. 720x528 480x352
4. Remove the peritoneum from the right side of the mesentery to expose and identify the superior mesenteric artery and vein and their branches. 720x528 480x352
5. Remove the posterior body wall peritoneum to expose the inferior mesenteric vessels. 720x528 480x352
6. Examine the jejunum, large bowel, cecum, and ileocecal valve and examine their interiors on plastinated specimens. 720x528 480x352