Review Item - Peritoneal Cavity & Intestines

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Lumbar vertebrae (N240, N268, TG5-01, TG5-03)
Pelvic inlet (N318, TG6-06)
Sacral promontory (N157, TG6-04)
Ala of sacrum (N157, TG6-04)
Iliopectineal line (N486, TG6-04)
Arcuate line (TG6-04, TG3-05)
Pectineal line
Pubic body (N486, TG3-05, TG3-05)
Pubic symphysis (N240, TG5-03, TG6-04)
Abdominal cavity
Peritoneal cavity
Parietal (N348, N331, N349, TG5-42, TG5-43)
Visceral (N348, N331, N349, TG5-42, TG5-43)
"The" Mesentery (of small intestine) (N306, N348)
Transverse mesocolon (N284, N306, TG5-13, TG5-14)
Sigmoid mesocolon (N284, N306, TG5-14)
Mesentery of appendix (mesoappendix) (N281, TG5-15)
Gastrocolic ligament (N269, TG5-18)
Gastrosplenic ligament (N269, TG5-18)
Splenorenal ligament (N269, TG5-20)
Omental apron (N269, TG5-12)
Falciform ligament (N269, TG5-12)
Anterior cecal fold (N281, TG5-15)
Ileocecal fold (N281, TG5-15)
Fusion fascia
Peritoneal vs. retroperitoneal (N348, N331, N349, TG5-29, TG5-42, TG5-43)
Liver (N269, TG5-12, TG5-18, TG5-21)
Stomach (N269, TG5-12, TG5-18)
Small intestine (N269, TG5-16, TG5-12)
Duodenojejunal flexure (N270, TG5-14, TG5-26)
Jejunoileum (N269, N272, TG5-12, TG5-16)
Circular folds (N272, TG5-16B, TG5-16C)
Ileocecal junction (N281, TG5-15A, TG5-15B)
Large intestine (N284, TG5-12B)
Cecum TG5-15A, TG5-15B
     Ileocecal valve (N274, N284, TG5-15B)
     Appendix (N281, N274, N284, TG5-15A, TG5-15B, TG5-15C)
Ascending colon (N284, TG5-12B)
Right colic (hepatic) flexure (N284, TG5-12B)
Transverse colon (N284, TG5-12B)
Left colic (splenic) flexure (N284, TG5-12B)
Descending colon (N284, TG5-12B)
Sigmoid colon (N284, TG5-12B)
Semilunar folds (N284, TG5-15B)
Teniae coli (N284, TG5-12B)
Haustra (sacculations) (N284, TG5-12B)
Omental (epiploic) appendages (N271, N284, TG5-12B)
Arteries & veins:
Superior mesenteric a. & v. (N264, N306, N310, N301, N312, TG5-13, TG5-14, TG5-28, TG5-34)
Intestinal aa. (N306, TG5-13)
     Arcades (N306, TG5-13)
     Arteriae rectae (N306, TG5-13)
Ileocolic a. (& branches) (N306, N306, TG5-13, TG5-14)
     Appendicular a. (N306, N306, TG5-13, TG5-15)
Right colic a. (N306, TG5-13),
Middle colic a. (N306, TG5-13)
Inferior mesenteric a. & v. (N256, N306, N306, N300, N301, N302, TG5-13, TG5-14, TG5-28, TG5-34)
Left colic a. (N306, TG5-14)
     Ascending br. of left colic (N306, TG5-14)
Sigmoid aa. (N306, TG5-14)
Superior rectal a. (N306, TG5-14)
Marginal a. (N306, TG5-14A, TG5-14B)
Clinical Terms:

Meckel's diverticulum
Intestinal obstruction
Malrotation of gut




Update: 04 January 2012