Lab Video - Kidney & Retroperitoneum

Play selected steps of the dissection. Choose reduced size for slower connections.
Full length video624x432 576x384
1. Review the bony landmarks.720x528 480x352
2. Remove the pararenal fat from around the kidney, try to identify renal fascia. 720x528 480x352
3. Remove perirenal fat to expose kidney and suprarenal gland and examine the parts and blood supply of both organs. 720x528 480x352
4. Examine the left kidney and incise it in the frontal plane to examine its internal structure. 720x528 480x352
5. Clean and examine the diaphragm, its parts, apertures and the nerves, vessels and other structures passing through or behind it. 720x528 480x352
6. Examine the preaortic autonomic nerve plexuses of the abdomen and the branches of the abdominal aorta. 720x528 480x352
7. Fragment and remove the left psoas major (and minor if present) and examine the lumbar plexus of nerves and white and gray rami of the lumbar sympathetic trunk. 720x528 480x352