Review Items - Inguinal Region

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Umbilical folds: (N 253, TG 5-07)

A. Median
B. Medial
C. Lateral (epigastric)

Umbilical ligaments: (N 253, TG 5-07)

D. Median (urachus)
E. Medial (obliterated umbilical a.)

Fossae of lower anterior abdominal wall: (N 253,259, TG 5-07)

F. Supravesical
G. Medial inguinal
H. Lateral inguinal

Spermatic cord: (N 387,262, TG 5-08, 5-08D, 5-10B, 5-10C)

I. Ductus deferens
J. Testicular artery
K. Pampiniform plexus of veins
L. Genital branch of genitofemoral nerve

Coverings of the spermatic cord: (N 260,387,390, TG 5-10B, 6-31)

M. External spermatic fascia
N. Cremaster muscle and fascia
O. Internal spermatic fascia

Coverings of the round ligament of the uterus:

M. Fascia of external abdominal oblique
N. Cremaster muscle & fascia
O. Transversalis fascia

Inguinal canal: (N 260, TG 5-10A, 5-10B, 5-11A)

P. Deep (internal) inguinal ring
Q. Falx inguinalis (conjoint tendon)


Transversalis fascia (N 251,252,261, TG 5-08C, 5-08D, 5-09C, 5-09D, 5-10A)

Arteries & veins:

S. Inferior epigastric (N 255,260,261, TG 5-05, 255, TG 5-07A)
T. Deep circumflex iliac (N 255, TG 5-07A)


Parietal peritoneum (N 260,261, TG 5-07A)
Extraperitoneal connective tissue (N 260,261, TG 5-06)
U. Inguinal triangle (N 259, TG 5-07)

Clinical Terms:

Umbilical hernia
Inguinal hernias (direct vs. indirect)
Incisional hernia
Cremasteric reflex