Review Item - Gastrointestinal Sequence Summary

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Lumbar vertebrae (N240 or TG5-03,N260 or TG5-01)
Pelvic inlet (N308 or TG6-06)
Sacral promontory (N150 or TG6-04)
Ala of sacrum (N150 or TG6-04)
Iliopectineal line (N468 or TG6-04)
Arcuate line TG6-04 and TG3-05
Pectineal line
Pubic body (N468 or TG3-05 and TG3-05)
Pubic symphysis (N240 or TG5-03 and TG6-04)
Abdominal cavity
Peritoneal cavity
Parietal (N335,N336 or TG5-42, N337 or TG5-43)
Visceral (N335,N336 or TG5-42, N337 or TG5-43)
"The" Mesentery (of small intestine) (N295 or TG5-13,N335)
Transverse mesocolon (N276,N296 or TG5-14)
Sigmoid mesocolon (N276,N296 or TG5-14)
Mesentery of appendix (mesoappendix) (N273 or TG5-15)
Gastrocolic ligament (N261 or TG5-12)
Gastrosplenic ligament (N261 or TG5-12)
Splenorenal ligament (N261 or TG5-12)
Omental apron (N261 or TG5-12)
Falciform ligament (N261 or TG5-12)
Anterior cecal fold (N273 or TG5-15)
Ileocecal fold (N273 or TG5-15)
Fusion fascia
Greater omentum (from dorsal mesogastrium) (N261 or TG5-12)
Gastrocolic lig. (N261 or TG5-12,N264 or TG5-18)
Gastrosplenic lig. (N264 or TG5-18)
Splenorenal lig. (N264 or TG5-18)
Omental apron (N261 or TG5-12)
Lesser omentum (from ventral mesogastrium) (N267 or TG5-18)
Hepatogastric lig.
Hepatoduodenal lig.
Omental (epiploic) foramen (N264 or TG5-18,N267 or TG5-18)
Omental bursa (lesser sac) (N264 or TG5-18,N265,N335,N336 or TG5-42)
Fusion fascia (behind duodenum and pancreas) (TG 5-29)
Ventral mesogastrium
Falciform ligament (N 269 ,287, TG 5-21)
Coronary ligament (N 287, TG 5-21)
Right triangular ligament (N 287, TG 5-21)
Left triangular ligament (N 287, TG 5-21)
Peritoneal vs. retroperitoneal (N335,N336 or TG5-42,N337 or TG5-43 and TG5-29)
Liver (N261 or TG5-12, TG5-18, TG5-21)
Stomach: (N267 or TG5-18)
Gastric rugae (N268 or TG5-19)
Greater curvature
Lesser curvature
Pyloric antrum
Pyloric sphincter (N268 or TG5-19,N269)
Pyloroduodenal junction (N268 or TG5-19,N269)
Abdominal esophagus (N228 or TG4-37,N267 or TG5-18)
Spleen (N264 or TG5-18,N265,N267 or TG5-18,N289 or TG5-20, TG5-20)

Small intestine (N261 or TG5-16, TG5-12)
Duodenojejunal flexure (N262or TG5-14, TG5-26)
Jejunoileum (N261 or TG5-12,N272 or TG5-16)
Circular folds (N272 or TG5-16B, TG5-16C)
Ileocecal junction (N273 or TG5-15A, TG5-15B)
Large intestine (N276 or TG5-12B)
Cecum TG5-15A, TG5-15B
     Ileocecal valve (N274 or TG5-15B, N276)
     Appendix (N273 or TG5-15A, N274 or TG5-15B, TG5-15C, N276)
Ascending colon (N276 or TG5-12B)
Right colic (hepatic) flexure (N276 or TG5-12B)
Transverse colon (N276 or TG5-12B)
Left colic (splenic) flexure (N276 or TG5-12B)
Descending colon (N276 or TG5-14A)
Sigmoid colon (N276 or TG5-14A)
Semilunar folds (N276 or TG5-15B)
Teniae coli (N276 or TG5-12B)
Haustra (sacculations) (N276 or TG5-12B)
Omental (epiploic) appendages (N263, N276 or TG5-12B)
Subdivisions: (N 278, TG 5-26B,5-26C)
Superior (1st)
Descending (2nd)
Inferior (3rd)
Ascending (4th)
Suspensory muscle of the duodenum (ligament of Trietz) (N 270, TG 5-26C)
Circular folds (N 279, TG 5-26C)
Greater duodenal papilla (N 279, TG 5-26C)
Lesser duodenal papilla (N 279, TG 5-26C)
Pancreas: (N 298, TG 5-26B,5-27A)
Uncinate process
Main pancreatic duct (N 294, TG 5-26C)
Accessory pancreatic duct (TG 5-26C)
Liver: (N 287, TG 5-21A)
Porta hepatis (TG 5-21C)
Diaphragmatic surface (TG 5-21B)
Visceral surface (TG 5-21C)
Bare area (TG 5-21D)
Lobes (N 289, TG 5-23A,5-23B)
Fissures (N 287, TG 5-21C)
Biliary tract: (N 294, TG 5-22A,5-24C)
Right hepatic duct
Left hepatic duct
Common hepatic duct
Cystic duct
Bile duct
Hepatopancreatic ampulla (N 297, TG 5-24C)
Gallbladder: (N 294, TG 5-24A,5-24C)
Kidney: (N 334,342, TG 5-30A,5-30B,5-30C,5-31B,5-31C,5-42)
Paravertebral gutters (N 263,342,329, TG 5-30B,5-30C)
Pararenal fat (TG 5-31B)
Renal fascia (TG 5-31B)
Perirenal fat (adipose capsule) (TG 5-31B)
Renal (fibrous) capsule (TG 5-32B)
Hilum (TG 5-32B)
Sinus (TG 5-32B)
Cortex (TG 5-32B)
Renal columns (TG 5-32B)
Medulla (TG 5-32B)
Renal pyramids (TG 5-32B)
Renal papillae (TG 5-32B)
Minor calyx (TG 5-32B)
Major calyx (TG 5-32B)
Renal pelvis (TG 5-32B)
Ureter (TG 5-32B,5-30B)
Suprarenal gland: (N 347, TG 5-31C)
Cortex (TG 5-32A)
Medulla (TG 5-32A)
Branch of greater thoracic splanchnic n. (N 318,346, TG 5-39,8-16)
Diaphragm: (N 185,263, TG 5-33)
Lateral, medial, and median arcuate ligaments
Central tendon
Right and left crura
Aortic hiatus
Esophageal hiatus
Caval foramen (hiatus)
Lumbocostal trigone
Muscles (N 263, TG 5-33)
Psoas major & minor
Quadratus lumborum
Iliacus m.
Arteries & veins:
Celiac trunk: (N255 or TG5-33)
Left gastric a. (N290 or TG5-19)
Gastric br.
Esophageal br.
Hepatic(?) br.
Common hepatic a. (N290 or TG5-19)
Proper hepatic a.
     Right gastric a.
Gastroduodenal a.
     Posterior & anterior superior pancreaticoduodenal aa. (N290 or TG5-19,N292 or TG5-27B, TG5-27C)
     Right gastro-omental (-epiploic) a. (N290 or TG5-19,N291)
          Gastric brs.
          Omental brs.
Splenic a. (N291 or TG5-27B, TG5-27C)
Splenic brs.
Short gastric aa.
Left gastro-omental (-epiploic) a. (N290 or TG5-19,N291)
     Gastric brs.
     Omental brs.
Superior mesenteric a. & v. (N256 or TG5-34, N295 or TG5-13, N296 or TG5-14, N300, N301 or TG5-14, N302 or TG5-28)
Intestinal aa. (N295 or TG5-13)
     Arcades (N295 or TG5-13)
     Arteriae rectae (N295 or TG5-13)
Ileocolic a. (& branches) (N295 or TG5-13,N296 or TG5-14)
     Appendicular a. (N295 or TG5-13,N296 or TG5-15)
Right colic a. (N295 or TG5-13),
Middle colic a. (N296 or TG5-13)
Inferior mesenteric a. & v. (N256 or TG5-34, N295 or TG5-13, N296 or TG5-14, N300, N301 or TG5-14, N302 or TG5-28)
Left colic a. (N296 or TG5-14)
     Ascending br. of left colic (N296 or TG5-14)
Sigmoid aa. (N296 or TG5-14)
Superior rectal a. (N296 or TG5-14)
Marginal a. (N296 or TG5-14A, TG5-14B)
Common hepatic a. (N 300,302, TG 5-19)
Proper hepatic a.
     Right gastric a. (seen previously)
     Right hepatic a.
          Cystic a.
     Left hepatic a.
Gastroduodenal a.
     Posterior superior pancreaticoduodenal a. (posterior arcade) (N 304, TG 5-27C)
     Anterior superior pancreaticoduodenal a. (anterior arcade) (N 304, TG 5-27B)
     Right gastro-omental a. (seen previously) (N 300, TG 5-19)
Splenic a. (N 302, TG 5-27B, 5-27C)
Dorsal pancreatic a.
     Inferior pancreatic a.
     Prepancreatic arcade
Pancreatic brs.
Great pancreatic a.
Caudal pancreatic brs.
Superior mesenteric a. (N 301,302,304,306, TG 5-13)
Inferior pancreaticoduodenal a.
     Anterior inferior pancreaticoduodenal a. (anterior arcade)
     Posterior inferior pancreaticoduodenal a. (posterior arcade)
Arteriae rectae
Aberrant hepatic aa. (if present) (N 305, TG 5-25)
Abdominal aorta: (N 264, TG 5-34)
Inferior phrenic a.
Celiac trunk (N 300,301,302, TG 5-34,5-19)
Superior mesenteric a. (N 306, TG 5-13)
Renal aa. (N 332 ,335, TG 5-34, 5-32)
Interlobar aa.
Supernumerary renal aa. (N 333)
Gonadal aa. (N 332,400,401, TG 5-34, 5-30)
Suprarenal aa. (N 332, TG 5-34, 5-32)
Superior, middle and inferior
Inferior mesenteric a. (N 307, TG 5-14)
Lumbar segmental aa.
Median sacral a.
Common iliac aa.
Portal v. (N299,N302 or TG5-28)
Coronary v.
     Left gastric v.
     Right gastric v.
Round ligament of the liver (ligamentum teres hepatis) (N 229,287, TG 5-21B, 5-22B)
Ligamentum venosum (N 229,287, TG 5-21C, 5-22B)
Portal v. (N 312, TG 5-28, 5-22B)
Splenic v. (N 309,311,312, TG 5-28)
Inferior mesenteric v. (N 311,312, TG 5-28)
Superior mesenteric v. (N 310,311,312, TG 5-28)
Portacaval anastomoses (N 312, TG 5-28)
Esophageal vv. (N 238, TG 5-28)
Superior rectal vv. (N 387, TG 5-28)
Paraumbilical vv. (N 256, TG 5-28)
Posterior body wall vv. (N 312, TG 5-28)
Hepatic vv. (N 265, TG 5-22B)
Left, Middle, Right
Inferior vena cava (N 265,274, TG 5-34)
Inferior vena cava: (N 265, TG 5-30, 5-34)
Common iliac vv.
Lumbar segmental vv. (N 332, TG 5-34)
Right gonadal v. (N 332,400,401, TG 5-34)
Right renal v. (N 332,341, TG 5-34)
Right suprarenal v. (N 332, TG 5-34)
Right inferior phrenic v. (TG 5-34)
Left renal v. (N 332,328, TG 5-34)
Left gonadal v. (N 332,400,401, TG 5-34)
Left suprarenal v. (N 332, TG 5-34)
Left inferior phrenic v. (N 332, TG 5-34)
Anterior vagal trunk (N236 or TG4-45,N309 or TG8-17)
Gastric brs.
Hepatic brs.
Posterior vagal trunk (N310 or TG4-45, TG8-17)
Gastric brs.
Celiac brs.
Celiac plexus (N309,N310,N311 or TG8-16, TG8-17)
Celiac branches of posterior vagal trunk (N 318,319, TG 8-17)
Celiac ganglia and plexus (N 318,319,320, TG 8-16, 5-39)
Aorticorenal ganglion (N 318, TG 8-16, 5-39)
Superior mesenteric ganglion & plexus (N 318,322, TG 8-16, 5-39)
Greater and lesser (and least) thoracic splanchnic nn. (in abdomen) (N 318,320,323,330, TG 8-16, 5-39)
Intermesenteric plexus (N 318, TG 5-40, 5-41, 8-16, 5-39)
Superior hypogastric plexus (N 318, TG 5-40, 5-41, 5-39)
Lumbar sympathetic trunk (N 267,318, TG 5-40, 5-41, 8-16, 5-39)
Gray and white rami communicantes
Lumbar ganglia (N 318, TG 5-40, 5-41)
Lumbar splanchnic nn. (N 318, TG 5-40, 5-41)
Subcostal n. (N 267,496, TG 5-38)
Lumbar plexus (N 267,497,498, TG 5-38)
Iliohypogastric n.
Ilioinguinal n.
Genitofemoral n.
Lateral femoral cutaneous n.
Femoral n.
Obturator n.
Bile duct (N280 or TG5-24,N285 or TG5-24,N290 or TG5-19,N292 or TG5-27)
Lymphatics (N258 or TG5-37,N304,N307 or TG5-35)
Lymphatics: (N 266,546, TG 5-37)
Lumbar (lateral aortic) nodes
Lumbar lymph trunks
Intestinal trunk
Cisterna chyli
Femoral ring & deep inguinal lymph nodes
Clinical Terms:
Meckel's diverticulum
Intestinal obstruction
Malrotation of gut
Gastric & duodenal ulcers
Pyloric stenosis
Pancreatic cancer
Gall stones
Cirrhosis & portal hypertension
Kocher maneuver
Duodenal stenosis/atresia
Femoral nerve iatrogenic injury
Renal calculus (kidney stone)
Cystic kidney
Horseshoe/pelvic kidney
Hiatal hernia
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)
Intravenous pyelogram (IVP)