Review Items - Duodenum, Pancreas, Liver, & Gallbladder

Fusion fascia (behind duodenum and pancreas) (TG 5-29)
Ventral mesogastrium
A. Falciform ligament (N 269 ,287, TG 5-21)
B. Coronary ligament (N 287, TG 5-21)
C. Right triangular ligament (N 287, TG 5-21)
D. Left triangular ligament (N 287, TG 5-21)
Subdivisions: (N 278, TG 5-26B,5-26C)
E. Superior (1st)
F. Descending (2nd)
G. Inferior (3rd)
H. Ascending (4th)
I. Suspensory muscle of the duodenum (ligament of Trietz) (N 270, TG 5-26C)
Circular folds (N 279, TG 5-26C)
J. Greater duodenal papilla (N 279, TG 5-26C)
K. Lesser duodenal papilla (N 279, TG 5-26C)
Pancreas: (N 298, TG 5-26B,5-27A)
L. Head
M. Neck
N. Body
O. Tail
P. Uncinate process
Q. Main pancreatic duct (N 294, TG 5-26C)
R. Accessory pancreatic duct (TG 5-26C)
Liver: (N 287, TG 5-21A)
Porta hepatis (TG 5-21C)
Diaphragmatic surface (TG 5-21B)
Visceral surface (TG 5-21C)
S. Bare area (TG 5-21D)
Lobes (N 289, TG 5-23A,5-23B)
Fissures (N 287, TG 5-21C)
Biliary tract: (N 294, TG 5-22A,5-24C)
T. Right hepatic duct
U. Left hepatic duct
V. Common hepatic duct
W. Cystic duct
X. Bile duct
Y. Hepatopancreatic ampulla (N 297, TG 5-24C)
Gallbladder: (N 294, TG 5-24A,5-24C)
Z. Fundus
AA. Body
BB. Neck
CC. Common hepatic a. (N 300,302, TG 5-19)
DD. Proper hepatic a.
     Right gastric a. (seen previously)
     EE. Right hepatic a.
          Cystic a.
     FF. Left hepatic a.
GG. Gastroduodenal a.
     HH. Posterior superior pancreaticoduodenal a. (posterior arcade) (N 304, TG 5-27C)
     II. Anterior superior pancreaticoduodenal a. (anterior arcade) (N 304, TG 5-27B)
     Right gastro-omental a. (seen previously) (N 300, TG 5-19)
JJ. Splenic a. (N 302, TG 5-27B, 5-27C)
KK. Dorsal pancreatic a.
     LL. Inferior pancreatic a.
     MM. Prepancreatic arcade
Pancreatic brs.
NN. Great pancreatic a.
OO. Caudal pancreatic brs.
Superior mesenteric a. (N 301,302,304,306, TG 5-13)
PP. Inferior pancreaticoduodenal a.
     QQ. Anterior inferior pancreaticoduodenal a. (anterior arcade)
     RR. Posterior inferior pancreaticoduodenal a. (posterior arcade)
Arteriae rectae
SS. Aberrant hepatic aa. (if present) (N 305, TG 5-25)
TT. Round ligament of the liver (ligamentum teres hepatis) (N 229,287, TG 5-21B, 5-22B)
UU. Ligamentum venosum (N 229,287, TG 5-21C, 5-22B)
VV. Portal v. (N 312, TG 5-28, 5-22B)
WW. Splenic v. (N 309,311,312, TG 5-28)
XX. Inferior mesenteric v. (N 311,312, TG 5-28)
YY. Superior mesenteric v. (N 310,311,312, TG 5-28)
Portacaval anastomoses (N 312, TG 5-28)
Esophageal vv. (N 238, TG 5-28)
Superior rectal vv. (N 387, TG 5-28)
Paraumbilical vv. (N 256, TG 5-28)
Posterior body wall vv. (N 312, TG 5-28)
ZZ. Hepatic vv. (N 265, TG 5-22B)
Left, Middle, Right
Inferior vena cava (N 265,274, TG 5-34)
Clinical Terms:
Pancreatic cancer
Gall stones
Cirrhosis & portal hypertension
Kocher maneuver
Duodenal stenosis/atresia