Review Items - Duodenum, Pancreas, Liver, & Gallbladder

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Fusion fascia (behind duodenum and pancreas) (TG 5-29)
Ventral mesogastrium
Falciform ligament (N 269 ,287, TG 5-21)
Coronary ligament (N 287, TG 5-21)
Right triangular ligament (N 287, TG 5-21)
Left triangular ligament (N 287, TG 5-21)
Subdivisions: (N 279, TG 5-26B,5-26C)
Superior (1st)
Descending (2nd)
Inferior (3rd)
Ascending (4th)
Suspensory muscle of the duodenum (ligament of Trietz) (N 270, TG 5-26C)
Circular folds (N 279, TG 5-26C)
Greater duodenal papilla (N 279, TG 5-26C)
Lesser duodenal papilla (N 279, TG 5-26C)
Pancreas: (N 298, TG 5-26B,5-27A)
Uncinate process
Main pancreatic duct (N 294, TG 5-26C)
Accessory pancreatic duct (TG 5-26C)
Liver: (N 287, TG 5-21A)
Porta hepatis (TG 5-21C)
Diaphragmatic surface (TG 5-21B)
Visceral surface (TG 5-21C)
Bare area (TG 5-21D)
Lobes (N 289, TG 5-23A,5-23B)
Fissures (N 287, TG 5-21C)
Biliary tract: (N 294, TG 5-22A,5-24C)
Right hepatic duct
Left hepatic duct
Common hepatic duct
Cystic duct
Bile duct
Hepatopancreatic ampulla (N 295, TG 5-24C)
Gallbladder: (N 294, TG 5-24A,5-24C)
Common hepatic a. (N 310,301, TG 5-19)
Proper hepatic a.
     Right gastric a. (seen previously)
     Right hepatic a.
          Cystic a.
     Left hepatic a.
Gastroduodenal a.
     Posterior superior pancreaticoduodenal a. (posterior arcade) (N 304, TG 5-27C)
     Anterior superior pancreaticoduodenal a. (anterior arcade) (N 304, TG 5-27B)
     Right gastro-omental a. (seen previously) (N 310, TG 5-19)
Splenic a. (N 301, TG 5-27B, 5-27C)
Dorsal pancreatic a.
     Inferior pancreatic a.
     Prepancreatic arcade
Pancreatic brs.
Great pancreatic a.
Caudal pancreatic brs.
Superior mesenteric a. (N 301,304,306, TG 5-13)
Inferior pancreaticoduodenal a.
     Anterior inferior pancreaticoduodenal a. (anterior arcade)
     Posterior inferior pancreaticoduodenal a. (posterior arcade)
Arteriae rectae
Aberrant hepatic aa. (if present) (N 306, TG 2-25)
Round ligament of the liver (ligamentum teres hepatis) (N 229,287, TG 5-21B, 5-22B)
Ligamentum venosum (N 229,287, TG 5-21C, 5-22B)
Portal v. (N 312, TG 5-28, 5-22B)
Splenic v. (N 309,311,312, TG 5-28)
Inferior mesenteric v. (N 311,312, TG 5-28)
Superior mesenteric v. (N 310,311,312, TG 5-28)
Portacaval anastomoses (N 312, TG 5-28)
Esophageal vv. (N 238, TG 5-28)
Superior rectal vv. (N 399, TG 5-28)
Paraumbilical vv. (N 256, TG 5-28)
Posterior body wall vv. (N 312, TG 5-28)
Hepatic vv. (N 265, TG 5-22B)
Left, Middle, Right
Inferior vena cava (N 265,274, TG 5-34)
Clinical Terms:

Pancreatic cancer
Gall stones
Cirrhosis & portal hypertension
Kocher maneuver
Duodenal stenosis/atresia


Updated: 11January 2012