Peer Presentation Technique


  • Peer Presentation/Evaluation: Six students, three working as Team 1 and the rest as Team 2 will carry out the dissection of a single cadaver. For three of the dissections all six students will work together.

    • When a team is assigned to any given dissection session (dissecting team), the other team (clinical team) will leave the lab and prepare for the related clinical case. They may use the Demo Lab, library, or small group rooms for that purpose.

    • Both teams should reconvene during the last 30 minutes of the session. The dissecting team will present the dissection findings guided by the list of Review Items in the lab manual. The other team will present the clinical case and relevance of that dissection.

    • Each student within a table group is expected to evaluate presentation quality of both teams. Evaluation could be done through the anatomy web link on the session’s day, preferably by Friday of the same week.

    • Feedback to students and faculty will be available on the web:

    • Peer presentations should be brief and complete.

    • Both groups may arrange for the presentation session any time after dissection is over.