Medical Gross Anatomy
Clinical Case Studies

Clinical cases based on CT scans of body donors 2010: Clinical cases based on CT scans of body donors 2009:
Musculoskeletal System I
Superficial Back
Deep Back & Spinal Cord
Pectoral Region & Breast
Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems
Thoracic Wall, Pleura, & Pericardium
Superior Mediastinum & Lungs
Posterior Mediastinum
Musculoskeletal System II
Superficial Structures of the Limbs
Axilla, Posterior Shoulder, & Arm
Forearm & Wrist
Anterior & Medial Thigh
Hip, Posterior Thigh, & Posterior Leg
Anterior Leg & Foot
Joints of the Upper & Lower Limbs
Gastrointestinal System
Abdominal Wall
Inguinal Region
Peritoneal Cavity & Intestines
Stomach & Spleen
Duodenum, Pancreas, Liver, & Gallbladder
Kidneys & Retroperitoneum
Reproductive & Endocrine Systems
Pelvis & Pelvic Viscera
Pelvic Neurovasculature
Perineum & External Genitalia
Nervous System
Anterior Triangle of the Neck
Posterior Triangle of the Neck
Larynx & Pharynx
Scalp, Cranial Cavity, Meninges & Brain
Parotid Gland & Face
Infratemporal Fossa & Oral Cavity
Ear & Nasal Cavity