Lecture Notes - Superior Mediastinum & Lungs

The streaming video of the 2004-5 lab overview is available on the web (password protected).
The computer presentation used by Dr. Cortright in lecture is available on the web (password protected). You can also download the PowerPoint presentation to print or review.

  1. Lung
    Base (diaphragmatic surface)
    Fissures (interlobar)
    Horizontal (right lung only)
    Pulmonary ligament
    Right lung
         Superior lobe
         Middle lobe
         Inferior lobe
    Left lung
         Superior lobe
              Inferior (lingular) division
         Inferior lobe
         Cardiac notch
    Surface projection of lungs, fissures, pleura
  2. Trachea & bronchial tree
    Tracheal bifurcation
    I° (Main right & left) bronchi
    II° (Lobar) bronchi
    III° (Segmental) bronchi
    Bronchopulmonary segments
         Superior segment of inferior lobe (right & left)
  3. Vessels
    Aortic arch
    Brachiocephalic trunk
    Left common carotid a.
    Left subclavian a.
    Pulmonary aa. & vv.
    Bronchial aa. & vv.
    Azygos vein (arch) Brachiocephalic vv.
    Thymic vv.
    Inferior thyroid v.
    Internal thoracic vv. & aa.
    Left superior intercostal v.
    Superior vena cava (SVC)
  4. Lymphatics
    (Intra) Pulmonary
    Superior & inferior
    Bronchomediastinal trunk
  5. Nerves
    Pulmonary plexuses
    Esophageal plexus
    Cardiac plexus
    Phrenic - anterior to root of lung
    Vagus - posterior to root of lung