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External features of the heart:

Coronary (atrioventricular) sulcus (N212,N214,TG4-21A,TG4-21B)
Sulcus terminalis (N214,TG4-21B)
Anterior & posterior interventricular sulcus (N212 ,N214,N215,TG4-21A,TG4-21B)

Internal features:

Right atrium (N220,TG4-25A,TG4-25B)
     Crista terminalis
          Sinuatrial node
     Pectinate muscle
     Interatrial septum
          Fossa ovalis (& limbus)
          Atrioventricular node
     Valve of the inferior vena cava & opening
     Valve of coronary sinus & opening
     Tricuspid (right atrioventricular) valve
     Cusps of tricuspid valve (anterior, posterior & septal)
Right ventricle (N220,TG4-25C)
     Chordae tendineae
     Papillary muscles (anterior, posterior, & septal)
     Trabeculae carneae
     Septomarginal trabecula (moderator band)
     Conus arteriosus (pulmonary conus)
     Pulmonary valve and semilunar cusps (left, right & anterior)
Left atrium (N221,TG4-26)
     Pulmonary veins (openings)
     Bicuspid (left atrioventricular, mitral) valve
          Cusps of mitral valve (anterior & posterior)
Left ventricle (N221,TG4-26)
     Anterior and posterior papillary muscles
     Trabeculae carneae
     Interventricular septum (membranous and muscular portions)
     Aortic vestibule
     Aortic valve and semilunar cusps (left, right & posterior)

Arterial supply:

Right coronary artery (N216,N218,TG4-22A,TG4-22B,TG4-23A)
     Artery of the sinoatrial node (55%)
     Right marginal
     Posterior interventricular (descending, PDA)
          Septal branches
     Artery of the atrioventricular node
Left coronary artery (N216,N219,TG4-22A,TG4-22B,TG4-23A)
     Anterior interventricular (descending, LAD)
          Septal branches
          Artery of the sinoatrial node (45%)
          Left marginal
          Posterior artery of the left ventricle

Venous drainage:

Coronary sinus (N212,TG4-24A,TG4-24B,TG4-24C,TG4-24D)
     Great cardiac vein
     Posterior vein of the left ventricle
     Middle cardiac vein
     Small cardiac vein
Anterior cardiac veins


Anulus fibrosus (fibrous ring) (N222)
Myocardium (N221)
Endocardium (N221)
Epicardial fat (N212,N214)

Clinical Terms:

Coronary bypass (CABG)
Myocardial infarct (MI)
Left heart dominance
Ventricular hypertrophy
Septal defects
Coarctation of aorta
Patent foramen ovale
Patent ductus arteriosus
Cardiac tamponade
Valvular disease (aortic, mitral stenosis, mitral valve regurgitation)
Cardiac angiography


Updated: 30 Sep 2011