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Fostering Innovation Grants
The Fostering Innovation Grants Program is a fast, simple way for faculty and staff to receive money to implement great ideas. Visit the FIGS Web site (internal audiences only) for details.

UM Learning & Profesional Development
UM Human Resource Development provides more than one hundred programs and courses designed to teach you new skills to help advance your career. They also provide customized workshops for your department. Visit their website for details and program and course listings.

M-Learning is a one-stop shop where you can register for Foundations for Successful Leadership and other classes.

Supervisors Guide to Performance Evaluations
What is your role as a Supervisor in the Performance Evaluation process? Use this quick and easy guide to answer your questions. This guide includes the Performance Evaluation Cycle, the Performance Evaluation form - what's changed and what hasn't?, Performance Evaluation rating descriptions and more.

Leadership Performance Plan & Evaluation
Supervisors and Managers have a separate planning and evaluation form from staff. This reference information will assist you in planning goals and establish criteria for evaluation.

Audio/Video Resource Library
Health System faculty and staff have access to video resources and literature to enhance their personal leadership skills. Visit our VHS/DVD/Web Stream library. .

M-Healthy: Understanding U
The M-Healthy Community has launched a new program called "Understanding U: Managing the Ups and Downs of Life." Understanding U includes a comprehensive Web site covering the entire mental health spectrum, from everyday challenges to diagnosable, treatable illnesses such as depression.

Understanding U Online Tutorial for Supervisors - Understanding U is pleased to present “Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace.” This online tutorial has been developed for all U-M supervisors, managers, service chiefs, chairs, and other leaders to help them work in a constructive and informed manner with staff and faculty who may be experiencing mental health problems or substance misuse.

What are our leaders reading? It’s always a good idea to be knowledgeable about the latest trends, theories and systems pertinent to leadership. Follow this link for timely reading materials.



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