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Offsite Rotations (International and Domestic)


Welcome to the University of Michigan's Internal Medicine Residency homepage for international and rural rotations!  This site is intended to serve internal medicine residents as a one-stop center for arranging these experiences.  Please bear with us while we're under construction.

Goals for an offsite elective:

Complement your experience at Michigan
Facilitate career decisions/planning
Strengthen diagnostic skills
Shift dependency on diagnostic tests
Build further sense of global health needs
Provide service to a community in need
Gain a potentially “life altering experience”


Process and Timeline:

Start looking the fall of the academic year PRIOR to when you want to go.

For example, if you want to go academic year 2012-2013 (7/1/12-6/30/13), start looking in the fall of 2011.


First (Prior to Dec)- Find a site and get excited!

- UofM

        - Sites residents have gone to in the past (international, domestic)

        - Presentations residents have done about their offsite rotations

- Other non-UofM websites (external sources for possible sites)

- Watch for travel advisories from the State Department

- See if you can get credit (Rules for offsite rotations)

- See if you can get funding (external links)


Second (Dec)- Talk with program director to discuss away month (Dr. Del Valle for IM, Dr. Lukela for Med-Peds)


Third (Dec/Jan)- Make away rotation request as part of the annual scheduling process)


Fourth- Apply to GME (DUE BY FEB 1)

You must already have written acceptance from the hosting program, defining your dates, included in your application to GME. GME needs a minimum of three months to process your application and finalize a contract for you to sign.

- Fill out the Offsite Application Form

- Fill out the Waiver

- Guidelines for Contracting for GME

- Resident and the residency program (IM or Med-Peds) should work together on the application. Note that the program submits the final application.


Fifth (Feb/Mar)- GME will review the application and notify about acceptance


Note- Sometimes plans fall through on your site's side. If this happens after GME approval, you may be able to arrange an alternate site under the same approval, especially at a place where contacts are already in place to speed the process.  Find another place and try again!


Sixth (prior to trip)- Get the necessary vaccinations. Some vaccination sequences take several months to complete so plan ahead. MCARE will cover most vaccines with a copay.

- UofM Travel Clinic


- Occupational Health Services


Finally- Have a GREAT time and take pictures. Share your stories with us when you get back.



Contact the Residency Program at improg@umich.edu

Feel like the process is like jumping off a cliff?

Don't worry. That's what this site is for.