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Resident Research: Resident Presentation Examples

These documents demonstrate only a small portion of the scholarly productivity of the U of MI internal medicine residents. They are selected to show a spectrum of scholarship possibilities.

Poster: Clinical Case (acp_winning_poster.sweetscase.compressed.pdf, 18809.0 kb, 01-16-2009)


This poster was prepared by Shon (Anjan) Chakrabarti. He won 1st place for the 2008 Clinical Case Presentation competition at the ACP Michigan meeting. ACP poster competition winners are judged on both the quality/content of the physical poster and the quality of the author's oral discussion of the poster during judging rounds.

Poster: Clinical Case (wang.acp_state2009.pdf, 442.0 kb, 08-13-2009)


Dee Dee Wang presented this poster at the ACP state meeting

Poster: Clinical Research (barnes_geoff_poster_3-12_edited.ppt, 156.0 kb, 01-16-2009)


This poster was prepared by Geoff Barnes and demonstrates how PowerPoint can be used to generate a poster layout.

Poster: Clinical Research (wang.accposter2009.pdf, 771.0 kb, 08-13-2009)


This poster was presented by Dee Dee Wang at ACC. It was generated on powerpoint.

Publication: Viewpoint (academic_medicine_3-2007.pdf, 113.0 kb, 01-16-2009)


Published by Stephen Henry in Academic Medicine, this is an example of a scholarly viewpoint piece.

Publication: Clinical Viewpoint (jtt_online_pdf_anticoag_review.pdf, 118.0 kb, 08-13-2009)


This article, provided by Geoff Barnes, demonstrates a scholarly approach to a common clinical issue.

Publication: Clinical Research (kolman_on_glucose.pdf, 143.0 kb, 09-22-2009)


Lou Kolman et al. published this clinical study showing a strong association between admission fasting plasma glucose level and mortality. Data was derived from a U of M Health System database.

Publication: Cost (jgim_10-2007.pdf, 230.0 kb, 08-13-2009)


This JGIM article, provided by Stephen Henry, demonstrates general medicine scholarship.


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