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Resident Research: Mentors

Faculty with interest in working with residents have provided their contact information for inclusion in our Resident Research Mentor Database. Browse the complete database, listed in alphabetical order by subspecialty, to identify mentors you may wish to work with.  Use the search function to look for a specific field (e.g. "endocrinology") or for a word of interest (e.g. "diabetes," yielding faculty approaching the topic in many fields.)

You may further explore a potential mentor's research by querying the Faculty Research Profiles tool, provided by the Medical School Office of Research. The tool is accessible from computers on the campus network. It lists faculty with publications published in PubMed. MeSH terms are used for searching (not necessarily publication key words.) Tutorials and other information to make the most of the tool are available on the website.

When you identify a possible mentor: send an introductory email, set up an initial meeting, and arrive for that meeting with an interesting question or two in the mentor's area of expertise. You will need to brainstorm research ideas during your initial mentor meetings. Be sure to review the resident research timeline and introductory content on this website prior to your mentor meetings.

Remember, always be cordial. Faculty who provide their contact information for the Resident Research Mentor Database wish to work with residents and are willing to donate time toward a project you wish to pursue. If all goes well, begin setting a timeline and expectations for both you and your mentor to pursue your scholarly path.

Resident members of the Education Committee compile data for posting to the Resident Research Database. For general website suggestions, contact the webmaster. Speak with your Education Committee representatives regarding suggested additions or edits to database content. 

Education Committee members may upload new data using the restricted data access site.

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