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Resident Research: Presentation How-To, Resources and Downloads

Presentation How-To, Resources and Downloads

U of M Logo Downloads (, 07-09-2013)


Logos are available for the Medical School or the Health System, and are formatted for print or web use. All downloads are password protected. Follow their directions to select the best file format for your needs.

UMHS Logo Downloads (, 07-09-2013)


This is the UMHS entry for logos appropriate for UMHS, UMMS, UMHHC, and specific Centers (Cardiovascular Center, Comprehensive Cancer Center, etc.)

UMHS PowerPoint Templates (, 07-09-2013)


A variety of contemporary maize and blue backgrounds are available.

UMHS PowerPoint Template 1 (umhs.ppt, 598.0 kb, 07-09-2013)

UMHS PowerPoint Template 2 (2umhs.ppt, 116.0 kb, 07-09-2013)

Preparing an Abstract, Poster, or Oral Presentation (, 07-09-2013)


This collection of webpages from the ACP provides information on all steps of research presentation, from preparation of an abstract to generation of a formal poster or oral presentation. Prepared by Dr. Patrick Alguire and faculty from the Michigan State University Primary Care Fellowship Program

Oral Abstracts: How Do You Give a Great Lecture? (Part 1) (sgim_forum_2009.6_present_a_lecture.pdf, 271.0 kb, 07-09-2013)


While written for didactic lecturers, this article is also highly relevant for anyone presenting an oral research abstract. Go to the "How Do They Do That?" section of this SGIM FORUM newsletter to read presentation tips from highly experienced academic internists.

Oral Abstracts: How Do You Give a Great Lecture? (Part 2) (sgim_forum_2009.7_present_a_lecture.pdf, 922.0 kb, 07-09-2013)


This is the 2nd of a 2 part series (see link above for part 1.) Go to the "How Do They Do That?" section of this SGIM FORUM newsletter to read more hints on how to give a great oral presentation.

Poster Preparation: Designing a Great Poster (, 07-09-2013)


This overview of poster design, provided by Colin Purrington, contains great advice, examples, and even templates for download. Content is presented with humor, and is designed for novices.

Poster Preparation (, 07-09-2013)


The Digital Media Commons provides free workshops on creating professional-looking posters using Adobe Illustrator.

Poster Printing: Microscopy & Image Analysis Laboratory (, 07-09-2013)


Fill out a printing reservation form and submit your project online! 24 hour turnaround. Even faster rush processing is avaialble - at a fee. Located on the 3rd floor of the BSRB, only a short walk from the hospital.

Poster Printing: the Poster Shop at GroundWorks (, 07-09-2013)


This is a service of the Digital Media Commons, located at the Duderstadt Center at North Campus. It is open 9-4 M-F. You will need to bring them your file and plan for up to a couple hours of waiting while it is printed.

Poster Printing: M Copy Center (, 07-09-2013)


1919 Green Road. An online special order form is available to send your files.

Poster Printing: Kinko's (, 07-09-2013)


Ask about the discount for U of M printing. There are 3 Ann Arbor Locations: 530 E Liberty St, Ann Arbor (734) 761-4539; 2609 Plymouth Rd # 7, Ann Arbor (734) 996-0050; 2800 S State St # A, Ann Arbor (734) 665-2400


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