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Career Development

The University of Michigan Internal Medicine residency program is committed to each physician's intellectual and personal development. This is a fundamental goal of the training program, for which we provide extraordinary support throughout all years of training.

From the beginning of internship, we begin to educate residents about the breadth of opportunities available within internal medicine. This includes careers in general medicine and subspecialties locally, nationally and worldwide. We utilize the expertise of our more than 400 full-time faculty, many of whom are leaders in their fields. International experiences and training abroad, in addition to dedicated time for research and electives, allows individuals to pursue their interests.

Once a career path has been chosen, we then work diligently to facilitate optimal placement after residency, whether in fellowship training, research or practice. These important goals are achieved through several programs unique to the University of Michigan :

Mentoring Program

Each housestaff is  counseled on the importance of mentorship and support from the program in identifying a mentor in their desired field of interest is available.

Fellowship Placement

With more than 80 percent of our graduates pursuing advanced training after residency, we are well-prepared to help individuals prepare for a suitable match. The process begins early in residency with one-on-one meetings with the residency director to identify career interests. There are also sessions organized with division chiefs and fellowship directors from each of the subspecialties early in the application process. Furthermore, we host separate sessions with current fellows and interested residents to facilitate sharing of information and advice about fellowship placement from individuals familiar with the process. These meetings discuss how to prepare your application, choose letter writers and decide which programs warrant an application. Our residents have successfully matched at excellent fellowship programs over the past four years (See table 1).

Class Retreats

Each year, we organize half day class retreats outside of the hospital setting. First year house officers learn from chief residents and experienced faculty members how to transition to a leadership role as a senior house officer. The focus for second year house officers is choosing a career path and applying for fellowship. Third and fourth year house officers are given information regarding academic and non-academic practice settings, and hear presentations on professional issues such as medical malpractice and contracting.

“Career Development ” Series

A series of conferences and seminars covers a variety of career development issues. Sessions are organized with local and regional physicians active in hiring for hospitalist and general medicine or clinician educator positions. Other presentations include joining a practice, billing and coding, managing debt, and other personal financial and insurance issues.

Job Placement

In addition to the Career Development series, we utilize local, regional and national networking from the hundreds of graduates of our program as well as others in the community. We have a job web site available to University of Michigan residents that highlights job opportunities with descriptions of the position and contact information. Our graduates have obtained excellent jobs throughout the country (see Table 2).

Fellowship Match Results 2013-2014

Table 1: Fellowship Placement, 2005-2013

Table 2: General Medicine Job Placement, 2005-2013