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Ann Arbor is a city of around 110,000 residents with a great mix of college town, city amenities, and outdoor activities. Located in southeast Michigan, it is an easy drive to Detroit and the Detroit International Airport, and around three hours from Chicago by car, bus, or train.  

Housing: Residents live in rented and owned apartments, condos, and homes throughout the Ann Arbor area. Some choose to live in walking distance of downtown, often just West of main street or in the Kerrytown area. Others are north of the hospital, including apartments within walking distance of the hospital, or along Plymouth Road and its surrounding area. Some more economical homes with lower property taxes are available in the southeast, at the border of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Finally, some residents do live in surrounding communities and commute in. Ann Arbor and several surrounding communities have excellent school systems regularly ranked highly on state and national assessments.

Ann Arbor: Ann Arbor’s downtown is easily walkable, and has a number of areas that cater to a wide variety of interests. The Main Street area is known for its restaurants and shops. The State Street area, closer to the undergraduate campus, has more of a college town feel. South of town is the Big House football stadium and the local Briarwood Mall, as well as several department stores. The Kerrytown area, just north of town, features the twice weekly local farmer’s market as well as famous Zingerman’s Deli. The medical campus is east of Kerrytown, and lies along the Huron River and Arboretum, part of a long stretch of natural areas and trails that continues throughout Washtenaw County. 

Art Fair

Art FairEvents and Activities: Ann Arbor has a vibrant music scene at many local establishments, and the University of Michigan features many local and invited performances throughout the year. Ann Arbor hosts a number of festivals every year, including the Ann Arbor Summer Festival and the nationally recognized Ann Arbor Art Fair. More activities can be found at the Ann Arbor Visitor’s Guide. And of course there is Michigan Athletics as well as the nearby Detroit Lions, Tigers, and Pistons. Many residents enjoy running and biking in the area, and the local waterways offer three-season kayaking, canoeing, and tubing. Some residents have joined soccer and other sports teams, and others gather regularly for knitting, parent, and other groups, or to enjoy the many local microbreweries.

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Michigan: Michigan is a beautiful state surrounded by four of the five great lakes. Its residents embrace all of the seasons with activities as diverse as biking, swimming, fishing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. There are many amazing communities worth visiting on day or weekend excursions, from the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline of Grand Haven and other western cities, to Traverse City’s Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and many wineries, to Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel and automobile-free streets, to Detroit’s excellent food and sports events. More information can be found at Pure Michigan.

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Ann Arbor Housing Information

Housing Guide

The who, what, where, when and why of finding housing in Ann Arbor. . . well maybe just the what and where.

The current house officers are offering their vast wealth of knowledge on rent vs own; city vs suburbs; dog friendly vs no dogs allowed and whatever else crossed their mind at the time of printing. . . .

The Housing Guide can be found at Resident_Housing_Guide.pdf

House Officers Association - Housing Listings

The Housing tab of the HOA website has a new look and currently features more than 70 properties for sale or rent.  The recent updates to the site make the registration and log in process smoother. There have also been visual enhancements and it is much easier to use on a mobile device.

Anyone can access the HOA Housing website and view listings. Simply create an account on the account registration page. When you register you will have to use a working email address. The ability to post a listing is reserved for incoming, current, and past house officers. When registering, it is recommended that house officers use their email address for the quickest possible account activation. Those who have recently matched should register using another email, but expect a slight delay in full account activation. You can find the most up to date policies regarding the housing website in the HOA FAQ.

The housing website is located at

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