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Welcome to the University of Michigan's Internal Medicine Residency homepage for international and rural rotations!  This site is intended to serve internal medicine residents as a guider for arranging these experiences.

Goals for an offsite elective:

Complement your experience at Michigan
Facilitate career decisions/planning
Strengthen diagnostic skills
Shift dependency on diagnostic tests
Build further sense of global health needs
Provide service to a community in need
Gain a potentially “life altering experience”


Process and Timeline:

Start looking the fall of the academic year PRIOR to when you want to go.

For example, if you want to go academic year 2016-2017 (7/1/16-6/30/17), start looking in the fall of 2015.


First (Prior to Dec)- Find a site and get excited!

- UofM

        - Sites residents have gone to in the past (international, domestic)

        - Presentations residents have done about their offsite rotations

- Other non-UofM websites

- Watch for travel advisories from the State Department

- See if you can get credit (Rules for offsite rotations)

- See if you can get funding


Second (Dec)- Talk with program director to discuss away month (Dr. Del Valle for IM, Dr. Lukela for Med-Peds)


Third (Dec/Jan)- Make away rotation request as part of the annual scheduling process)


Fourth- Apply to GME (DUE BY FEB 1)

You must already have written acceptance from the hosting program, defining your dates, included in your application to GME. GME needs a minimum of three months to process your application and finalize a contract for you to sign.

- Fill out the Offsite Application Form

- Fill out the Waiver

- Guidelines for Contracting for GME

- Resident and the residency program (IM or Med-Peds) should work together on the application. Note that the program submits the final application.


Fifth (Feb/Mar)- GME will review the application and notify about acceptance

*Note- Sometimes plans fall through on your site's side. If this happens after GME approval, you might be able to arrange an alternate site under the same approval, especially at a place where contacts are already in place to speed the process and the time frame is the same. Please keep in mind that there is a long list of residents from all over the University trying to go on Away rotations and there may be a wait list of residents. Find another place and try again!


Sixth (prior to trip)- Get the necessary vaccinations. Some vaccination sequences take several months to complete so plan ahead. MCARE will cover most vaccines with a copay.

- UofM Travel Health Clinic - U-M affiliated individuals can get immunizations, advice and medications tailored to your health status and destination, or arrange group travel clinics, through Travel Health Services. There's also an Online Travel Health Education Program they have you do if you're not going to one of the cleared safe places on their list.

- CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention travelers health site - check to see what health precautions are in place for the areas you're interested in traveling to. They even have a Clincian Information Center.

- Occupational Health Services - You'll want to go here to get your health records as well as any of your basic vaccinations done.


Finally- Have a GREAT time and take pictures. Share your stories with us when you get back.



Contact the Residency Program at

Brian Jordan Away




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