From Left to Right: Amy Cutting, Brian Minnich, Karen Brown (seated), Lisa Miller, and Sue Suslee

Karen Brown

Internal Medicine Program Coordinator
B.S., Eastern Michigan University, 1995

Professional Interests: I am the Program Coordinator for the residency program which involves taking care of close to 200 residents from the logistics of recruitment and interviewing for residency to the credentialing paperwork after match day to orientation activities to start their residency to providing daily assistance with anything they might need to get through their residency program successfully.

Personal Interests: I spend a lot of time with family and I like to golf when the weather is nice and curl up with a good book when the weather isn’t as nice. I also volunteer at PGA golf tournaments when they don’t conflict with residency events.

What I Enjoy About Living in Our Community: I was born and raised in the “mitten” and like the change of seasons even though I really don’t like being cold. I’ve lived in the Ann Arbor area since the late 80’s and like the variety of things to do, places to go and restaurants that are available. Something is always going on in or around town.

Amy Cutting

Med-Peds & PTSP Program and Lead Fellowship Coordinator
Administrative Assistant for Drs. Lukela, Sachdev and Pennathur
B.F.A., College of Santa Fe, 2002

Professional Interests: I’m the Program Coordinator for the Med-Peds and Physician-Scientist Programs as well as the Lead Fellowship Coordinator so I stay busy working as a liaison between the different programs and GME as well as keeping up with our Med-Peds residents!

Personal Interests: I can usually be found somewhere either with my camera, knitting, reading, working on the computer, cooking for guests, hiking or camping. We’re pretty actively involved in the local cycling and running communities as well and will occasionally be spotted running around the Ypsi/Ann Arbor area with two giant dogs in tow.

What I Enjoy About Living in Our Community: I love the variety of events (many of them free) available in the Ann Arbor/Detroit areas! There is ALWAYS something to do but there’s also a ton of natural areas to explore whether you hike, run or bike that are beautiful all year round. I also enjoy the wide variety of restaurants available - especially ethnic cuisine if I can talk someone else into it!

Lisa Miller

IM Program Administrator

Professional Interests: As the Program Administrator, I function as a liaison between the Program Director and the Institutional Graduate Medical Education office and Department Administration. I provide supervision for the program staff and administrative support for the Inpatient Resident Assistants.

I think Graduate Medical Education is a fascinating field due to the continual advancements and challenges. The University of Michigan is a great place to work, but the people are by far the best benefit.

Personal Interests: I love spending time with my husband and two children; whether it is enjoying a Family game night, or taking a vacation we always have a lot of fun. I like to walk my dog in the park near the lake and read a book on my deck. I am determined to find some winter activities that I enjoy this year, but definitely not downhill skiing.

What I Enjoy About Living in Our Community: Whether you are looking to do something as a family with young children, on a date-night, or just out with friends there are endless options all within easy reach; there is such a variety of options from concerts to rock climbing that no matter your personal preferences, or budget, you can always find something to do.

Brian Minnich

IM Database Administrator

Professional Interests:

Personal Interests:

What I Enjoy About Living in Our Community:

Sue Suslee

Administrative Assistant for Dr. Del Valle

Professional Interests: I am the Administrative Assistant to Dr. Del Valle. I enjoy working with the residents on a day to day basis. I like working at the university because of the vibrant atmosphere and they offer employees so many opportunities and initiatives regarding health and wellness.

Personal Interests: I love being outdoors, gardening, hanging out with my dog, biking, snow shoeing. I love to hang out with my two grandkids. I also look forward to my twice yearly trips to Arizona to visit my youngest daughter.

What I Enjoy About Living in Our Community: I live out in the country but only 20 minutes from Ann Arbor. This town has so much to offer-just about anything you want to do Ann Arbor has it from great restaurants, great parks, lots of coffee shops, museums, one of the best Art Fairs in the country and so much more. A great place to raise a family. Our “Up North” country is also a wonderful vacation area not to be missed.