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Fellowship Training Program

Clinical Training

First Year

During the first year, fellows rotate at both the University of Michigan Hospital (UH) and the Ann Arbor VA (VA). At UH, the fellows rotate through the consult, chronic dialysis and transplant services. The consult service offers a rich and diverse exposure to both common and obscure renal diseases. This busy service is staffed by two attendings, two fellows as well as residents and medical students. The chronic dialysis service provides ongoing dialysis support for ESRD patients hospitalized for dialysis related complications as well as other medical and surgical problems. This service is staffed by one attending, one fellow and one physician assistant. The transplant service cares for all renal transplants (new transplants and post-transplant complications) as well as renal disease in other solid organ transplant patients. This service is staffed by a transplant nephrologist, a transplant fellow and a nephrology fellow. There is also an ongoing, daily interaction with the transplant surgery team. On all UH nephrology rotations, our fellows serve exclusively in a consulting role. The VA service provides comprehensive nephrology consultation and is staffed by one attending, one fellow, two medical residents and additional medical students.

In addition to clinical training, all fellows have a two week research rotation where they are free to meet nephrology faculty, determine area of research interest, and select a mentor. Fellows also maintain a 1/2 day continuity clinic throughout the year with their own panel of patients.

Second Year

During the second year, fellows have the flexibility to define their clinical training based on their interests. The core training during this year is composed of 6 weeks of inpatient time with the bulk of clinical experience in the ambulatory arena. Fellows continue their 1/2 day continuity clinic. Additionally, they will have their own outpatient dialysis shift and transplant clinic. Rotations are available in Nephrolithiasis, Glomerular Diseases, Lupus Clinic, Home Dialysis, Vascular Access Clinic, Interventional Nephrology as well as Palliative Care. Outside of nephrology, fellows may also rotate in Renal Pathology, GU radiology, Pheresis and Pediatric nephrology.



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