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James A. Shayman, M.D.

Research Summary:

Sphingolipids are ubiquitous and multifunctional cell membrane compo­nents that serve as cell surface receptors, agonists and intracellular second messengers. They appear to mediate a variety of cellular responses including growth and differentiation, and stress responses. Because of the large number of Sphingolipids metabolites and wide potential range of effects, understanding the role of specific sphingolipids has proven challenging to investigators. Dr. Shayman’s laboratory has recently developed ceramide homologues which inhibit specifically and potently selective pathways of ceramide metabolism. These ceramide homologues have proven useful in at least two respects. First, they have provided insight into the role of sphingolipids as mediators of particular pathophysiologic processes including diabetic renal hypertrophy and the heat shock response. Second, these homologues have provided insights into the role of ceramides in cell signaling phenomena including gene transcription and cell cycle progression. His laboratory is now evaluating the use of these inhibitors as potential therapeutic agents for glycolipid storage disorders.

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Selected Publications:

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