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Akinlolu O. Ojo, M.D., MPH, Ph.D.

Research Summary:

Dr. Ojo has extensive experience in the development and management of multicenter clinical trials. His overall research interests include hypertension, ESRD, and access to kidney transplantation and allograft survival in minority patients with ESRD. His current specific research interests include identifying the risk factors for accelerated decline in renal function in patients with chronic renal insufficiency and evaluating the incidence and risk factors for cardiovascular disease in this population. Dr. Ojo also participates in a multicenter, NIH-sponsored clinical trial, the African American Study of Kidney Disease (AASK).

Link to PubMed Citations

Selected Publications:

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Ojo AO. Cardiovascular complication after renal transplantation and their prevention. Transplantation 82(5):603-611, 2006.

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