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Chen Hsing Hsu, M.D.

Research Summary:

Dr. Hsu has played a vital role as a consultant in all areas of clinical nephrology, including chronic dialysis, transplantation, general nephrology and general medicine. His interest in hypertension and calcium regulation led to a cohesive series of papers on abnormalities of calcium metabolism associated with the experimental hypertension. These papers provided major insights into the mechanism of vitamin D resistance in chronic renal failure and helped open up this area of investigation.

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Selected Publications:

Hsu CH, Young EW. Effect of Vitamin D Metabolism and Action in Chronic Renal Failure. Pp.135-156. Edited by T. B. Drueke. Isidro Salusky in The Spectrum of Renal Osteodystrophy, 2002.

Yang Wu-Chang, Yang Chwei-Shin, Hou Chun-Chen, Wu Tsai-Hung, Young EW, Hsu CH. An open label, crossover study of a new phosphate binding agent in hemodialysis patients. 17:265-270, Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation, 2002.

Hsu CH. Historical perspective of management in Ca and P metabolism in chronic renal failure. Am J Kidney Disease 37:195-196, January 2001.

Glorieux G, Hsu CH, DeSmet R, Dhondt A, Van Emmelo J, Waterloos, M, Lameire N, Plum J, and Vanholder R. The anti-proliferative effect of calcitriol on HL-60 cells is neutralized by uremic bilogical fluids. Neprolo. Dialysis and Transplant., vol 16, p.246-252, 2001.

Hsu CH, Patel S and Young, E. Ferric Citrate : New phosphate binding agents: Ferric compounds. J Am Soc Nephrol. June 1999.

Glorieux G, Hsu CH, DeSmet R, Dhondt A, Van Kaer J, Vogeleere P, Lameire N, and Vanholder R. Inhibition of Calcitriol-induced monocyte CD14 expression by uremic toxins: role of purines. J AM Soc Nephrol 9: 1826-1831, 1998.

DeSmet R, Glorieux G, Hsu CH, Vanholder R. p-Cresol and uric acid: Two old uremic toxins revisited. Kid. Int. 52: pp.S-8-S-11, Nov 1997.

Hsu CH and Patel S K. Uremic toxins and vitamin D metabolism. Kid. Int. 52: pp.S-65-S-68, Nov 1997.

Hsu CH. Are we mismanaging calcium and phosphate metabolism in renal failure? Editorial Rev. Am J Kid Dis. 29 : 641-649, April 1997.

Patel SR, Koenig RJ, Hsu CH. Effect of glucose on the function of the calcitriol receptor and vitamin D metabolism. Kidney International 52(1):79-86, 1997 Jul.

Patel SR, Xu Yin, Koenig RJ, Hsu CH. Effect of glyoxylate on the function of the calcitriol receptor and vitamin D metabolism. Kidney International 52(1):39-44, 1997 Jul.

Patel SR, Koenig RJ, Hsu CH. Effect of Schiff base formation on the function of calcitriol receptor. Kidney International 50:1539-1545, 1996.

Hsu CH, Patel S. Altered vitamin D metabolism and receptor interaction with the target genes in renal failure. Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension vol 4/4, 1995. In press (Invited editorial review).

Patel S.R, Ke, H. Q, Vanholder R, Koenig R. J, Hsu C. H*. Inhibition of Calcitriol Receptor Binding to the Osteocalcin Gene Response Element by Uremic Toxins. J J Clin Invest. 96: 50-59. 1995.


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