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Michael Heung, M.D.

Research Summary:

Pathophysiology and management of acute kidney injury, particularly in the ICU setting; Aspects of continuous renal replacement therapy, including dose, regional citrate anticoagulation, and safety issues; Other extracorporeal therapies; Cardiorenal syndrome and ultrafiltration in the management of heart failure; Identification of biomarkers in the diagnosis and management of acute kidney injury.

Link to PubMed Citations

Selected Publications:

Heung M, Mueller BA, Segal JH. Optimizing anemia management in hospitalized end-stage renal disease patients. Accepted for publication by Annals of Pharmacotherapy.

Kheterpal S, Tremper KT, Englesbe M, Heung M, Shanks A, Campbell D. Incidence, predictors, and outcome of acute kidney injury after general surgery. Accepted for publication by Anesthesiology.

Heung M, Leavitt MA, Malani PN. Primary care considerations for the older adult with chronic kidney disease. Accepted for publication by Clinical Geriatrics.

Heung M, Swartz R. Acute renal failure: progress and remaining challenges. US Renal Disease, Dec 2007;74-76.

Heung M, Pop-Busui R. Multidisciplinary approach to the management of diabetic complications. Review of Endocrinology, Oct 2007;30-34.


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