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Division Administrator Amy Kaufman Eddy (734) 936-4888
Financial Specialist Intermediate Susan Geisser (734) 763-4297
Faculty Affairs Officer Maria Herbel (734) 936-8758
Financial Specialist Senior Susan Keller (734) 615-3200

Financial Specialist Intermediate

Martha Kern-Boprie

(734) 647-8006

Human Resources Generalist Senior Mimi Suntheimer (734) 998-5649
Administrative Specialist Senior June Wilson (734) 936-4999

Applications Programmer/Analyst, Intermediate

Ellen Woodard

(734) 763-4273

Support Staff




Administrative Assistant, Senior James Auge (734) 936-4570
Administrative Assistant, Senior Ginger Holloway (734) 936-5645
Administrative Specialist Associate Jeni Chapman (734) 615-5757
Administrative Assistant, Senior Barbara Santuci (734) 615-3994
Clinical Research Project Manager Denise Taylor-Moon (734) 615-5020
Administrative Assistant, Senior Barbara Turgyan (734) 764-3269
Research Associate Karla Vick (734) 936-4890

Administrative Assistant, Intermediate Emily Iglehart

(734) 764-3157

Administrative Specialist Associate

Sharon Walker

(734) 763-9041

Administrative Assistant, Senior Brandi Gizinski (734) 232-1701
Administrative Assistant, Intermediate Lola Tatum (734) 213-8350 ext. 302

Secretary (VA)

Renee Bacon

(734) 845-3400


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