About Us

RESEARCH: The research mission of the Division is to combine insights into human genetic disease states with basic scientific research to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying these disorders. The ultimate goals of the faculty are to improve early diagnosis, treatment and cure of human disease. Ongoing research programs by Division faculty are broad ranging and include the study of cancer, diabetes, coagulopathies, hearing loss, developmental disorders and immunodeficiencies. This scientific milieu provides a diverse and fertile environment for the training of undergraduate, graduate and medical students as well as post-doctoral fellows.

The Medical Genetics Clinic and the Cancer Genetics Clinic represent a unique resource in the region for the evaluation, diagnosis and counseling of individuals who have or may be at risk for genetic diseases.

The clinics involve the joint efforts of UM faculty, physicians, medical geneticists and board-certified genetic counselors that work together to render appropriate screening, diagnosis, evaluation, counseling and treatment for patients' and their families.


Revised 3/7/13